1. Alessandra20


    Hey everyone so i haven’t been able to get much confirmation from anyone but regarding the Fall Academic deadline for pharmcas, is that for applicants who haven’t been accepted yet or the latter? I got accepted and committed into my program in November 2021 but am still in my last semester of...
  2. Alessandra20


    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure most of us know how annoying pharmcas is but I have a question hopefully someone is able to answer me about this. Regarding the program material section, there is a part for each school for selecting your pre-requisite courses that may fulfill their requirement or...
  3. Alessandra20

    prereq confusion? does it matter?

    Hello everyone :) I am pretty sure this is a stupid question but doesn’t hurt to ask but I am applying to pharmacy schools this cycle and am currently in my last year That being said, will it hurt me if I take biochem after I apply? i currently am taking genetics, Orgo lab, and bio stats and...
  4. S

    PHARMCAS personal statement feedback!!! Any help is much appreciated

    Hi guys! I am in the process of applying for pharmacy school. I just have a rough draft of my personal statement and I am quite unsure whether I am writing it in the right direction or not. Also very stressed out and worried because writing is not my area of expertise. So please let me know what...
  5. P

    Need help on Pharmcas transcript entry for AP courses

    Hi everyone! How did you enter your AP courses on Pharmcas? I don't have an official transcript on hand at the moment, but I'd like to get started on entering all coursework. On my UNOFFICIAL transcript, the AP courses are listed in this format: "AP PSYCHOLOGY (Score 5, Units 4.0) 05/13." How...
  6. B

    Lipscomb vs. Belmont Pharmacy

    I know that both schools were overall and their pharmacy schools were established around the same time. Both their Naplex pass rates are very close with Lipscomb at ~91% and Belmont at ~93% as of 2018. A lot of the threads I see comparing Lipscomb to Belmont pharmacy were nearly 10 years ago...
  7. B

    Class of 2024 anyone receive interview invites yet?

    Has anyone received any interview invites thus far and have their interviews scheduled yet? I submitted all my stuff in on 07/31/2019 Coursework verified 08/05/2019 Applied regular admissions, no early decision (ED) Applied to 7 schools (Lipscomb, Belmont, MCPHS-New Hampshire, LECOM-B, LECOM-E...
  8. W

    Western University Health of Sciences in California - current students / prospective students?

    Hi everyone, I am currently applying to mainly California pharmacy schools this cycle. Western U is my top choice as of right now. I was just wondering if anyone knows what they mainly look at (GPA, community service, extracurricular, personal statement, etc)? Is it worth to apply as an early...
  9. M

    Anyone taking PCAT July 2019? Have you started PharmCAS/personal statement?

    With studying for the past month or so for the July 12, 2019 PCAT, I haven't done anything for PharmCAS or started my personal statement. I emailed a professor about a LOR but she hasn't gotten back to me, and I figured I'd tell my pharmacist at work about doing it after the exam as well. My...
  10. K

    Random PCAT 2019 questions!!

    Hi guys! I am scheduled to take the PCAT this July 2019 and had a couple questions. For the chemistry section, are calculators / periodic tables provided? I heard basic calculators are provided for certain questions, but Dr. Collins has a lot of practice questions that involve finding pH...
  11. N

    Shenandoah University Class of 2023

    Everyone share your application status and if called for an interview , please share us your interview experience.
  12. B

    PCAT submission on PharmCAS question.

    Hi what's up guys? I have a question regarding submit PCAT scores. I am applying only for the schools that does not require PCAT scores. However, I thought that it might be a good impression if I submit PCAT score if result comes out good. My question is..if I decide to take PCAT and PCAT score...
  13. B

    PCAT submission on PharmCAS question.

    Hi what's up guys? I have a question regarding submit PCAT scores. I am applying only for the schools that does not require PCAT scores. However, I thought that it might be a good impression if I submit PCAT score if result comes out good. My question is..if I decide to take PCAT and PCAT score...
  14. A

    Official PCAT Scores to PharmCAS

    Hey everyone, I received my official PCAT scores for when I took the PCAT on July 11th. Does anybody know how long it usually takes before PharmCAS uploads them to your application? I really want to submit ASAP.
  15. P


    hey ! What would be my gpa for pharmcas if I have the following math grades: 1. Calc I -F (3crds) 2. Calc I- D (3crds) 3. Calc I- B (3crds) 4. PrecalculusI- C (3crds) 5. Precalculus II- C (3crds) I know my math grades are horrible but I have a 3.40 overall GPA and 92% Pcat but I would like...
  16. P


    Hey I am an undergrad student and I am going to apply this semester, I want to know if I took 12 credits of math but I repeated calculus I, then how PharmCas is going to calculate my gpa? They average my gpa or not? If i repeated that class then is going to be 15 credis instead of 12?
  17. P

    Early Decision Program Help!!

    Hello, I might apply for early decision and take my pcat in july which is the last date to take the pcat for early decision. I wanted to know if I need to retake my pcat later on but I had already submitted my application and everything with my july pcat for early decision but did not receive an...
  18. T

    PHARMCAS Application Verification

    How long did it took for your PHARMCAS app to get verified? I submitted mine on December 27, 2017 and it finally reached COMPLETE status on monday after one of my transcripts finally arrived. Will taking so long hurt my chances at getting into pharmacy school??
  19. B

    PharmCAS Personal Statement (identifying details)

    So, in the personal statement, I'm wondering whether admission committees would want me to include the identifying details of my experiences. For instance, I worked at CVS pharmacy as a technician for about a year. Would they prefer: "I worked as a pharmacy technician for a year at CVS...
  20. F

    Made an error on PharmCAS application?

    I submitted my PharmCAS application on 12/8, it has verified as of 12/22, and was downloaded by the school last week. I was overlooking the application and realized that I made a mistake. I was a student teacher during the Fall 2017 semester, so I put that under experience. However, I forgot to...
  21. C

    PharmCAS question

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, I was hoping to obtain an answer about pharmCAS I can't seem to find anywhere. I was planning to apply to pharmacy school or PA school in Fall 2019. I wanted to start filling out the pharmCAS forms now as well as CASPA (also made by the same company that makes...
  22. P

    PharmCAS: Ongoing class at UCB Extension so transcript was placed on hold; what do I do?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so I'm hoping I'm doing this right lol I'm freaking out right about now. I thought I submitted everything to PharmCAS on time by the November 1st deadline. I requested all 4 of my transcripts at the end of September. It turns out one of them was placed on...
  23. TheOnlinePharmacist

    PHARMCAS Personal Essay thoughts...?

    Deleted for anti-plagiarism purposes, thank you all!
  24. V

    A&m pharmacy

    Has anybody heard back from a&m pharmacy for early decision. Interviews are next week and I have not received word...?
  25. I

    Pharmcas Special Life you think this is okay to write?

    My mother brought my siblings, and I to America to have access to some of the best education in the world. Not only was I expected to go to college, I was expected to be a doctor of some sort one day. Fast forward 24 years later, the youngest of four, I am the first person in my immediate family...
  26. dogsRgreat

    PharmCAS: ACT score replacing class

    I scored very high on the English portion of the ACT so I was not required to take the writing composition courses. However, I didn't learn this until I had take Writing I as a dual-credit class and received a C... that's high school. PharmCAS gives an option to enter any CLEP tests, etc. but I...
  27. M

    PharmCas application help - volunteer experience

    I am filling out my pharmcas application and I am confused about where to put my volunteer experience? I noticed that under the experience tab I can add extracurricular activities.. is that where the volunteer experience goes? And also, if I want to add a club which I was a part of does that...
  28. K

    PharmCAS Professional Transcript Entry?

    Does anyone know if it's worth it or reccomended to do the professional transcript entry? It's $65 but I wouldn't mind doing it myself.. Any suggestions?
  29. F


    I am having a bit of a breakdown, I started college in 2001, yeah 16 years ago, needless to say I f&^%*$ up and got released from the school. I started back at school 3 years ago to do all my pre recs with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 and science of 3.2. My GPA from 16 years ago dragged me down to...
  30. C

    PCAT issues with PharmCAS??

    Hi everyone, Is anyone having trouble with their PCAT scores appearing in PharmCAS? I took the test in July. My official scores only show when I download the PDF version of the application. However, the written section is blank. Also, when I go to the 'check status' tab of the application, it...
  31. V

    PCAT Scores Input Error!!!

    So I had taken my PCAT on Jan 17 and did well compared to the standards and averages of the school i'm applying too. I requested the scores be sent by Pearson to PharmCAS and after about a week, they were in. However, my WRITING SCORE was not! PharmCAS had left my writing scores blank and when i...
  32. H

    PharmCAS verification process

    Hey everyone! I submitted my application on Monday and today my transcripts have been listed as "verified" but my application is still listed as "complete". Does anyone know how long it'll take for my entire application to be listed as "verified" and for it to be sent to the programs? Thanks!
  33. V

    PCAT Scores to PharmCAS

    My official Jan 17 PCAT scores have been posted to pharmCAS, however, my writing score has not. Am I supposed to somehow send my writing score separately or will the unofficial score suffice??
  34. H

    PharmCAS Transcript Entry

    This summer I took classes in both of my school's sessions. The grades have been posted for the first session and are seen on my official transcript, but the grades for the second session haven't been posted yet. My school didn't divide these on my transcript as "session 1" and "session 2"...
  35. H

    PharmCAS transcript

    Last week I went to my university and requested my official transcript be sent to PharmCAS via their instructions. It's been about 6 business days and PharmCAS still says they haven't been received them. About how long should it take for them to arrive?
  36. J

    Chances of Early Decision for pharmacy school?

    I graduated last year with a 3.79 GPA (Biochemistry Major) PCAT score of 97th percentile I worked as an associate scientist at a large biotech/pharmaceutical company for the past year in research and development for immunoassay development. I have another job lined up for the next year for a...
  37. H

    PharmCAS question

    I'm planning on taking orgo 2 in the spring, but registration doesn't open until late this fall semester. Do I still need to include this class on my PharmCAS transcript entry, even though it doesn't appear on my transcript?
  38. H

    linking PCAT CID to PharmCas

    I am planning on applying for Early Decision (Sept. 5), but am scheduled to take the PCAT Sept. 8. I already talked to the school and they said they'll accept the preliminary report. However, I was wondering how I link the PCAT CID to my PharmCas account? There's only a CID input on past PCATs...
  39. V

    Sending Transcript to PharmCAS

    I am currently enrolled in a summer 2017 course for my bach degree. I have already completed the programs pre-requisits. Do I have to wait for the end of this course in order to send PharmCAS my official transcript? I am applying for fall 2018 early admission and am enrolled for the 2017-2018...
  40. P

    Honors Societies on PharmCAS?

    I've seen a few threads about this but can't seem to find a clear answer. Where should you list your honors society memberships on pharmcas? Part of me thinks that because they require a certain GPA and you don't do much once you're in them that they should go in the Honors section. The other...