Which SMP / Masters should I do ?

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Hi guys I am in desperate need of some help!
Stats: 497 MCAT (took it thrice this is the highest score)
3.01 sgpa
3.25 Cgpa
integrative neuroscience Binghamton university
I have applied to ten masters/SMPs:

PCOM Philly

Touro NY

Kansas City MBS

Barry MBS


Midwestern MABS

Lecom Erie

Lecom bradenton

Rowan MBS

I could do a masters anywhere but i wanted to hear peoples experiences cuz i heard something about people being screwed over by masters programs/ripped off esp those with linkage... please share ur thoughts about a program if you attended. Also please comment if linkage/no linkage is better i essentially want to increase my sgpa and cgpa and maybe retake the mcat after