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Why are you interested in dentistry?

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Whenever I ask people why they are interested in dentistry they give the same answers:

-pay is good
-can schedule own hours
-help people
-like to interact with patients

But all these aspects can be related to other jobs in the healthcare field such as Physical Therapy.
Is there any reason that you want to be a dentist that is different from what I listed?
I really want to know why people choose this profession besides for the regular reasons I hear.
Also, how would you convince someone who is not interested in dentistry, to become interested in it?
Thank you.

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If I thought I might be happy as a dentist, I would definitely look more into it. Simply because, whenever I have a dental issue, 99% of the time it is fixed the same day and I feel better immediately. In contrast to that, when I go to the doctor, it seems to get anything fixed, it is a horribly long drawn out process.

With that being said, I think I am more fit personality wise to work as a physician.
I think it's just really cool. I never see that answer listed. I like the mechanics of G.V. Black's preps, I like lab work, I think bone grafting is awesome, I think endo is the coolest thing ever, I think that being able to provide an edentulous pt with an esthetic and functional denture is amazing.

If there are so many people in dentistry that don't just think it's awesome, I feel bad for them, because I know I'm having more fun doing this than they are.
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For most jobs, PT does not have flexible hours and the pay is nowhere near most salaries of dentists.
For most jobs, PT does not have flexible hours and the pay is nowhere near most salaries of dentists.

I am talking about owning your own practice. Owning a physical therapy practice will give flexible hours and I think that the pay has the potential to be great.
I like to construct things, like the medical field, enjoy seeing new patients everyday, wouldn't like a desk job. Enjoy the technical side, giving hope to the hopeless, allowing people to smile without hiding the teeth. Being in a respected profession is nice. I also enjoy the challenge.
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For me, there are various aspects to dentistry that I love besides the things that you have mentioned.

-I love the opportunity to be able to work with people-both as patients and as a team. The relationships that dentists are able to develop with patients have the potential to last decades. Additionally, the dynamic of the dental office appeals to me. Throughout undergrad, I worked as an assistant manager at an establishment. A dental office incorporates various positions each with their own duties, yet each is essential for a smooth flowing office.

-I like the unique skill set associated with dentistry. Dentistry provides you with the opportunity to learn how to manipulate various drills, instruments and materials to physically create the desired product. Whether it is an extraction or a crown, there is a specific technique and skill required for each procedure.

-The challenges that dentistry presents. Most pts don't like going to the dentist, but I have met patients that love the dentist I work for because of the way that he treats them and interacts with them. I want to change people's perception of what a dentist does and what a dental visit is like. Also, I have met tons of pts that do not appreciate dentistry for what it is. I hope to educate my patients as to why their teeth are so important and why good oral hygiene is critical to maintain their teeth and their overall health. Also, I think the physical demands of dentistry will force me to stay physically fit so I will not get worn out early on in my career. This way, my career is facilitating my making positive changes in my whole self.