Will 2nd Quartile hurt my chances?

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Jul 23, 2023
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Hi all, this is my second ever time doing the Casper test and unfortunately, this time I scored 2nd quartile. I found the prompts difficult and hard to follow so I'm not surprised I scored the way I did. Right now I'm worrying about how it will look on my application. My GPA isn't the greatest so I was hoping Casper would help my app a little. I'm applying to both Iowa and Kansas with casper - I'm mostly worried about Iowa. Does anyone have experience with getting into Iowa on a low casper?

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I scored in the 2nd quartile on Casper last year. Got an interview with Kansas and waitlisted then accepted at Iowa. My VMCAS overall and science gpas were ~3.2 and my last 45 was ~3.9 (although Iowa’s calculation of my science prereqs ended up being ~3.9).