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Dec 20, 2005
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So I'm in kind of in a crappy situation...I finished undergrad and enrolled in PostBac courses to finish my premed pre-reqs.
I graduated and I had to support myself so I worked fulltime while taking 2science classes, which backfired b/c I had to deal with a family situation and a time consuming commute.
I ended up taking both science pre-reqs for credit/noncredit to protect my GPA...I then retook them both and received an A and a B, while working only 30hrs a week instead of full-time. The problem is that now I am hearing that P/F, CR/NCR options are seen very negatively. I did not know that at the time but I am starting to regret my decision, although I do feel I proved my ability by retaking classes and had legitimate reasons for not receiving credit.

Is this credit/noncredit option going to hurt me permanently? Has anyone faced this situation or done this before applying and gotten into schools?
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