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Dec 11, 2012
Hey y'all! so I am a Pre-Pharm student I'm currently a senior, gonna graduate a year late next Spring in 2018 but Ive been really concerned about my whether or not im gonna get into pharmacy school.

It's hard to admit but, I had to retake Biology 111 (first time I got a D in the lecture and a B in the lab, retook it and got a C) and I am currently retaking Calculus and Chemistry 102 which I both got an F in...

I was calculating my GPA the other day and if I got all A's on the rest of my Math and Science pre-reqs, my Math/Science Pre-req GPA would be a 3.0 thats including the classes I retook averaged in with the first time I took them.

Obviously having to retake 3 pre req courses that are science/math is really bad.
But I have a pretty strong resume.
-I am PTCB Certified, I am IV/ Sterile Compounding certified, I am a member of my schools Corps of Cadets (ROTC), I am an officer for the Pre-Pharmacy Society on campus (this is my second year of being an officer) and I am working in a Nuclear Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician.

I was wondering if I managed to get all A's and get my GPA up to a 3.o and with my resume what would my chances of getting into a school?
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