1. D

    Complete Help needed choosing between Pharm School or Med School

    Ok, so I had all these plans of going into pharmacy school and did everything to prepare for it. I took the prerequisites, PCAT, and my application is all ready to be submitted. However, after a week of careful research and consideration seeing other pharmacist complaining about the career or...
  2. J

    Taking some prereqs at cc and uni

    Hello, I'm currently at a university right now and I've done half of my pre-reqs and I'm planning to take the rest (w/ some science classes) at a community college due to financial issues. Will it be a problem?
  3. amm06351

    Official SHPEP 2019 Thread

    Hello! My name is Alexa and I am a SHPEP 2018 Howard alum. Recently I have been selected as a SHPEP ambassador and am dedicated to recruit pre-health students for the best summer internship ever! I started this thread because the application opens December 1st and I'm sure questions will pop up...
  4. A

    If I choose "no score" option on Pcat, do I have to enter my Pcat CID ?

    Hi All. I plan to choose "no score" option on my upcoming Pcat test, and I already listed recipient schools when I registered for Pcat. So, do I have to enter my Pcat CID into my PharmCAS application after I take the test?
  5. GodIsBeautiful

    Pharmacy School Extracurriculars Advice.

    What are the typical extracurriculars and/or accolades a rising sophomore applying to pharmacy school should have? Is having pharmacy experience a must around this time? I know it would look good on the application, but at this my young age (literally 19 y/o), I'm not certified for anything...
  6. alwaysstaypositive

    Pharmacy vs RN to PA or NP

    Hello SDN community, Yes, there are many posts similar to mine and I looked at them. I did research on each field and I would like to know even more opinions about the two routes from this community. Here's a few questions to generate some ideas: Do you have any friends, family members, or...
  7. alwaysstaypositive

    Letter of Recommendation advice

    Hello SDN community, What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pre-pharmacy student looking to earn a letter of recommendation from science professors? What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pharmacy technician looking to earn a letter of recommendation...
  8. T

    Loan for Canadian student studying pharmacy in US?

    Hello guys, I am a Canadian student and I am going to study pharmacy in the US. My plan is to study and work in the US after graduation. I have several questions regarding loans. My expenses for pharmacy school will either be: a) 55K USD (with living) * 4 years = 220,000 USD b) 75K USD (with...
  9. T

    Updated Chance me Thread

    This is an updated version of a post I made asking if I have to get into pharmacy school or take a masters degree. Here are my stats so far: B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology General GPA: 3.12 Science GPA: ~2.80 (approximately) These GPA's are from my school not from PHARMCAS, my app has not...
  10. P

    West Coast university c/o 2022

    Hello, did anyone apply for West Coast university for entering fall 2018? Is there any current students at West Coast would like to share some experience the school? Thanks!
  11. I

    Pharmcas Special Life you think this is okay to write?

    My mother brought my siblings, and I to America to have access to some of the best education in the world. Not only was I expected to go to college, I was expected to be a doctor of some sort one day. Fast forward 24 years later, the youngest of four, I am the first person in my immediate family...
  12. PolliePocket

    Considering pharmacy as an older student

    I'm looking for some advice, hopefully someone else has also been in a similar situation. I'm 32. I currently have a good career making 80k and am in line for a promotion to make 100k by next year. I work 60+ hours a week and the long and short of this post is: I'm tired and unfulfilled and...
  13. U

    Taking ptcb in june

    Hey guys! So I'm planning on taking my PTCB exam around June and I was wondering if you guys could give me a few references to study from and what specific chapters I should look over. Thanks in advance! :)
  14. E

    Best time to start prepping for the PCAT?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a sophomore at university and I am on the pre-pharmacy track. I am a chemistry and psychology major (also a prospective biology minor due to successful completion of pre-pharmacy pre-requisites simultaneously completing a biology minor at my institution). I want...
  15. D

    Recent PCAT takers

    okay so I have collins 2016 and have gone through the bio and chem sections already. I also have the Kaplan book, but I'm not too sure I want to go through it. What are some tips you have to give ya girl. I'm taking it in July, but Im wondering how you went about studying for the passaged based...
  16. D

    chance me, please!

    Hey so if someone could give some good info about the PCAT changes and how to study for them... Im currently studying collins and Kaplan, but I still feel really underprepared... Anyway, moving on... Biology degree- 3.77 cGPA/ 3.84. science GPA Taking the PCAT in July, but would like to know...
  17. DRHRT

    no pcat no problem

    hi guys! All you potential pharm. ppl, I just want to let you guys know there maybe programs out there that do not require the PCAT. I applied to LECOM pa PHARMD program in 2015 & I got in without a PCAT (early admission) unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn't go. Good Luck...
  18. L

    Help picking a school! USC vs. Campbell vs. MUSC

    Hey everyone! I'm having a hard time picking a school. I've narrowed my choices to 3 schools, which I've been accepted into: Campbell, MUSC and USC (south carolina, not cali.) I'm from NC but I really like SC. I know I can get a good education no matter where I go, but picking is hard. I need to...
  19. M

    Questions and worries regarding pre-pharm from a concerned high schooler

    Hi everyone, Hey! I'm currently a high school senior who has decided upon attending a two/three-year pre-pharmacy program (I am electing for the three years of undergrad). However, I have a great deal of concerns about my capacity to be able to be able to do well within pre-pharmacy and...
  20. C

    Worried Pre-Pharmacy Student

    Hey y'all! so I am a Pre-Pharm student I'm currently a senior, gonna graduate a year late next Spring in 2018 but Ive been really concerned about my whether or not im gonna get into pharmacy school. It's hard to admit but, I had to retake Biology 111 (first time I got a D in the lecture and a B...
  21. S

    Will I get in?

    Hello, I have always found these threads annoying, but I am a very average applicant and figure a lot of people could relate to my stats. Graduated with my BS in biology this May, 3.4 GPA (PharmCAS GPA should be about the same) Recently got a job as a pharm tech at a CVS for the next year...
  22. O

    High school student wanting some advice pharmacy school! (sorry it's so long) (That's what she said)

    Hello, I'm currently going to be a senior this coming fall and I am interested in a career in pharmacy, but I have some questions. Firstly, is it better to go to an undergrad that has a pharmacy school? I was thinking on going to Hampton University for pre-pharmacy because I can get in with...
  23. K

    Pros and Cons... PA vs PharmD

    I am almost done with undergrad (I will finish in the summer), but I am currently torn between applying to PA school or Pharmacy school... I enjoy both professions (maybe pharmacy a little more since it's heavier in problem solving with math, chem, bio). I've shadowed one pharmacist and a couple...
  24. M

    sincere advice

    I was pre-med for a long time but took the MCAT 3x and did horrible. Engineer major whose undergrad gpa was 3.08 and science was 3.1 (this is according to the med school app) Loads of medical volunteering in 2 free clinics. Never took the PCAT before. I did one semester of a masters program...