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  1. D

    Should I apply this cycle

    I guys I recently took the dat and scored a AA of 19 the total breakdown is as follows PA 21 QR 17 RC 16 BIO 22 GC 20 OC 21 AA19 I have a 3.5 gpa. Multiple research experience, volunteer experience and working as dental assistant right now. I was hoping for a 20 or above but orgo score was...
  2. N

    A few questions regarding dental application

    I have a theoretical scenario I can't seem to find an answer to.. I hope someone can help me out. Suppose I took the DAT in May and my scores are average. If I apply and get denied from my schools is it possible to retake the DAT in September, get a higher score and reapply in the same...
  3. student-of-life

    Had timing issues on May 18th test - should I do a quick turnaround repeat?

    Hi everyone. Reading the different discussions on SDN has been immensely helpful for me, so let me preface my post by thanking everybody in this community - there are some really special people on here, and seeing that has made me even more excited for med school. Okay, now for my question: On...
  4. M

    Re-taking the MCAT while applying

    So I just wanted to ask if how things work if i decide to retake the MCAT while applying (I got a 506 the first time). If I send in my primary applications on June 1st with the existing score I have and indicate that I don't plan on retaking the exam but eventually do register for it, would they...
  5. P

    Re-taking classes at CC

    Hey guys, SO i'm graduating from a UC in june with a 3.0 cumulative gpa. I wanted to take a few of my pre-reqs that i got a C/C+ in for MD/DO school again at a CC to improve my gpa. Is this possible for me to do and still have a chance of getting into a D.O school? Thanks!
  6. S

    Help going crazy!!

    So I just got my step 1 score 198 on my second attempt and I'm going crazy. I studied like if my life depended on it aiming for 234+ and ended up 198. So guys what should I do??? I'm an US Img (carribean) should I quit??
  7. BosDent93

    Motivational Post for DAT Re-Takers/ Lazy Breakdown

    I went from: AA 18 TS 18 BIO 14 GC 20 OC 21 PAT 17 RC 22 QR 15 (May 2016) to AA 22 TS 22 BIO 24 GC 20 OC 22 PAT 22 RC 23 QR 20 (June 2017) I took the DAT this morning and I am very satisfied, especially if I take in account how I did last year. I changed my time management and study...
  8. R

    Scored a 496 Should I retest?

    So, I received my score today and got a 496. Which I am well aware of is not a good score. My break down is as follows: Chem/ physics -124 CARS-122 Bio/Biochem-123 Psych/Soc-127 My GPA is about a 3.5 non science and 3.6 science. I am primarily interested in going D.O because my...
  9. D

    Retaking MCAT for Expired Score

    Hello! I originally applied during the 2016-2017 cycle which landed with 3 WLs. I am going to wait another year before re-applying to boost my clinical/shadowing/volunteering experiences. HOWEVER, I took the new MCAT in August 2015 and scored a 515 (128-127-130-130). This score would be...
  10. J

    DAT retake study schedule/material 2017 need help!

    Hey everyone I am retaking the DAT for the 3rd time. I'm not improving as much as i want to and i was wondering maybe if i changed my study schedule or got different materials it could help? I used Chads videos for Chem and Ochem. Crack the dat pat. And half heartedly used DAT destroyer. Briefly...
  11. T

    Worth Re-taking MCAT?

    I am planning to complete my AMCAS and AAMCOS application by May 14th. My MCAT is a 506 and my gpa is a 3.69 and I am Asian. I only have 1 year of research that I did my freshman year. I have worked full time as a figure skating coach for 1 summer. I am currently working as a scribe. And I will...
  12. P

    Currently on Waitlist...Need advice! (Murphy's Law)

    Get ready for lengthy post :) As the title says, I'm currently wait-listed at three medical schools: 1. FIU 2. GW 3. CWRU (my top choice and incredibly surprised/honored to have received an interview regarding my stats...I also sent my application in September 30 so?...perhaps it has to do with...
  13. M

    Grade Replacement vs Retaking course

    At my school we have both "grade replacement" (only 2 classes) and the option of "retaking a course" (as many times as you want). I was wondering what is the difference? Will medical schools disregard the grade replacement?
  14. A

    Re-applicant courses (HELP!)

    Hi guys! I recently applied to dental school this cycle, and am still waiting on hearing back from my state school. As a plan B, I have already been accepted to a Post-bacc program with a lot of flexibility in course selections. For background information, I've already taken biochem 2(A), Micro...
  15. T

    MCAT Total or Sub-Sections

    Hi everyone, So I'm a newb when it comes to applying to Med in the US (not from there), and I was just wondering, do adcoms tend to care more about an applicant's MCAT total, or do they also look at the subsections? I ask because I have written the MCAT twice, the first time 505, and the second...
  16. HopefulDoc91

    Slightly freaking out...

    So I took the MCAT in June 2015 and got a 496 and still applied to schools anyway (I'm only interested in DO). I only had 1 interview, at PCOM, but was rejected after. I decided to take a year off and study again and retake the MCAT. I'm scheduled to take it this January 28th, and I've been...
  17. C

    Worried Pre-Pharmacy Student

    Hey y'all! so I am a Pre-Pharm student I'm currently a senior, gonna graduate a year late next Spring in 2018 but Ive been really concerned about my whether or not im gonna get into pharmacy school. It's hard to admit but, I had to retake Biology 111 (first time I got a D in the lecture and a B...
  18. T

    Retaking DAT?!?!

    So I just got word that my program allows and there are no limitations for retakes aside from ADA 3 time limit to retake DAT. My question is should I take the DAT in late March during my winter semester of school and then if I don't get high enough scores, retake in the summer after full on...
  19. M

    USMLE Should i retake the USMLE?

    I took the USMLE my 4th year in the u.s. It has been a while since the date of my graduation from (foreign) med school since i had previously worked outside of the us as a surgeon. My score was passing, but i got a score of a 193. On both step 1 and step 2. I am in my late 40's and since i am...
  20. L


    I applied for MD/PhD last cycle and did not get any interviews or acceptances. I think I know where my weaknesses are - MCAT and GPA. My undergrad GPA was poor as I was ill most of the time, but postbac work proved I could do better (3.9 for three years). I'm in process of applying for...
  21. R

    Retake or not?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new here and this is my first post. Anyway, I need some advice, and it's a bit complicated but all advice is appreciated. I'm a freshman pre-med at a T-20 University (I would share the name, but I see people avoid doing that) and I've been struggling a bit. I got a B in my...