what are my chances?

  1. Z

    What are my chances?

    Date of submission: First week of June 2019 Overall GPA: 3.58 Science GPA: 3.44 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.52 DAT score (include AA and all sections): PA: 20 / QR: 17 / RC: 19 / BO: 20 / GC: 21 / OC 20 / TS: 20 / AA: 19 State of Residence: Minnesota Undergrad Attended: RIT Major: Biomedical...
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  3. C

    Chances to go straight to medical schoool

    Hi! So I am currently and junior majoring in Neuroscience and History with a minor in Chemistry and Religious Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, but I am from South Carolina. I am currently deciding whether I should plan on applying directly into medical school or whether I should do like...
  4. S

    MD & DO SMP GPA: 3.6 but 1 C

    My uGPA is 3.3 (2.9 sGPA) I graduated with an SMP gpa of a 3.6 with 1 C. I had an upward trend where the last two semesters I took 15 credits each and earned As to make up for the C. I have solid ECs and I'm currently studying for my MCAT. I know an overall 3.6 isn't great but could it make up...
  5. I

    MD & DO Continue Nursing or pursue MD/DO? Chances for MD/DO? (Long read-sorry!)

    Hello everyone! I am currently an intern at a teaching hospital and am very conflicted as to whether I would enjoy being an MD or nurse more. Before I give the prospect of becoming an MD/DO any further thought, I want to know if I even have a chance. Unlike others, I currently do not have a...
  6. B

    MD Realistic Chances? Help!

    Hello! Long time lurker on SDN, but first time posting...I feel like I have had an unusual pre-med experience so I wanted other's opinions! I began college as a communications major at a local college and decided to go into medicine after completing my freshman year. From there I changed major...
  7. justtryinghere010101

    507 MCAT, 3.52 GPA/3.5s GPA, Should I retake?

    Hello, I was wondering what my chances for getting into medical school. I am a 20-year-old Hispanic female about to graduate with my bachelors in July. I have 200+ shadowing hours (of different specialties and professions) I am president of a club I have done 2 medical mission trips I have 200+...
  8. L

    PhD to MD

    Hello all, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated on this manner. Currently, I am approaching the end of my 1st year in a PhD doing research in an inorganic chemistry lab. Prior to me joining this program I was in pre-med in undergrad and I have 2 years of working as a scribe in an ER...
  9. acceptedmd

    Advertisement What are my chances?? Let an expert help.

    Unsure of your chances of getting into a top medical school? Don't know where to apply? Get help from an expert! There's no getting around the fact that the med school admissions process is expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. It's worth putting your best foot forward. At acceptedmd.com...
  10. Sadlyanon

    WAMC 3.8c 3.69s URM 504 MCAT

    Unwatch Thread Ignore Thre Hello all cGPA 3.80 sGPA 3.69 First mcat 501 (127/122/127/125) Predicted Second mcat 504 (128/120/127/129) My 3 aamc practice exams were all exactly 507 i really don’t know what happened. I know you are supposed to retake when you are ready, I never ever scored...
  11. C

    MD & DO WAMC School List Help!

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently going to apply to medical school for the next cycle and I need some help coming up with a school list! Im looking into about 25-30 schools both MD & DO. If anyone could help, that would be great. Thanks! Resident: California University: Small Liberal Arts University...
  12. H

    What Are My Chances URM?

    Hi! I'm a black female URM hoping to get into a top 20 MD school. I'm currently in the undergraduate program (graduating in a year) but am wondering what are my chances BUT ALSO WHAT MCAT SCORE I SHOULD AIM FOR upon graduation in about a year. Here is what I have or anticipate having by the...
  13. G

    What are my chances into Cali schools?

    Hello everyone this is my first time posting, so if this is in the wrong section please let me know! I am a socal asian male. I attend a Cal State University. Molecular Bio/Biotech with a minor in Chemistry My cumGPA is 3.75 (possibly 3.77, waiting on possible grade change) My scGPA is 3.71...
  14. P

    What are my chances of getting into MD, or MD/Phd program?

    Chemistry Major BCM Gpa 3.59 AO GPA: 3.88 I haven't taken the MCAT but what would be a good score for such GPA? I have one more year before I apply to medical school and I'm hoping to raise both GPA's by then. I have over +200 Hrs of volunteer work +3 Years of research ( working on my 3rd...
  15. dundermifflinthisispam

    Any advice welcome

    Hello all! I decided to write this post because I am unclear about how to best improve my application for my next cycle (if necessary, hopefully won’t be but probably will be) as I believe I have multiple identifiable weaknesses, and any advice would be much appreciated! Here is my current...
  16. A

    MD What are my chances: atypical applicant

    Hello, Note: This post has been edited for anonymity purposes. Thank you for your thoughtful answers, I have a better understanding of where I stand at this point. Summary (Edited): I am applying next summer to MD schools, and would like some advice/opinions/guidance on what schools I...
  17. D

    What are my chances, what schools to apply for :)

    Hi this is the first time I'm writing a post like this. I'm wanting to know what MCAT score to absolutely shoot for to have a fighting chance. I know my GPA is on the lower end my my ECs are pretty solid. I calculated my cGPA and sGPA w/ a AMCAs calculator excel sheet I found on here (hopefully...
  18. sweatytshirt


    Hey everyone! New user here. I plan on applying next cycle. What do you think my chances are of getting in on my first try with these stats? cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.69 and 3.56 MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 504 (123 C/P; 128 CARS; 124 B/B; 129 P/S) State of residence...
  19. B

    MD & DO Realistically, what are my chances (506/3.82/low ECs)?

    My concern is my pretty subpar EC's. I graduated May 2015 with a GPA=3.82, science=3.88. I tutored for 2 years while going to school but that's about the extent of my work. Did a summer research gig between junior and senior year. Since graduating I worked as a home health aide since I was...
  20. L

    Success Stories

    There seems to be similar threads of this nature in other disciplines so I figured I'd start one (unless one exists that I haven't found) for Public Health. Success stories: accepted into graduate school despite what seemed like insurmountable odds (i.e. getting into "higher" ranked- or any for...
  21. K

    What are my chances?

  22. T

    Is it worth trying...??

    I'm debating whether or not to start the process to try to go into medicine. I never really considered it before, I always just assumed I wasn't smart enough, but it's kind of a bug that keeps coming back to me... My undergrad is in Mechanical Engineering but my GPA is very poor (2.9), I went...
  23. a_modern_prometheus

    MD WAMC WAMMI Applicant Non-Trad

    Year in school: Post-Bacc (Finance Bacc) Country/state of residence: WAMMI State Schools to which you are applying: Albany BU Case Columbia Creighton Dartmouth Drexel Duke EVMS George Washington University Medical School Georgetown University School of Medicine Hofstra Jefferson Loyola Mayo...
  24. W

    Academic Dismissal, low GPA, upward trend

    Ok, so where do I begin.... I am a lower senior in my college and would like to go into medical school. Some facts about me, I was academically dismissed from my college during what would've been my first semester of my junior year ( two years ago). I've always been a good student but went...
  25. Emily427

    DO What are my chances?

    Here are the stats that AACOMAS calculated: MCAT: 500 cGPA: 3.77 sGPA: 3.50 I'm an EMT and phlebotomist and have over 2000 hours of clinical experience. I have 3 strong letters of recommendation and about ~100 hours of volunteer work. I also worked my way through college. Oh, and I'm a white...
  26. H

    Help calm my nerves?

    Hello new to SDN and just want to get some clarification on schools to dream about and advice. I am going into my jr. Year with cgpa of 3.46 and a sgpa ~3.3. I have not taken th mcat yet but have already started studying. I have been doing research with a professor since freshman year and have...
  27. J

    5th year?

    Hi people! I'm considering my options and want to know what schools I'd be able to look at with my current stats. I'm considering a 5th year and would like some advice. State school - Biology Major (with lots of upper division biology classes and some business, computer science, and liberal...
  28. T

    MD 514 MCAT, 3.75 cGPA, Illinois Resident

    Gender: Female Race: White Resident: Illinois Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago Major: Molecular Biology Minor: Anthropology Graduation Year: 2016 MCAT: 514 (Chem and Phys: 127, Bio: 130 CARS: 130 Psych: 127) GPA:3.75 (I hit a rough patch with the first semester of organic chemistry and...
  29. TinyRickkkkkkkkk

    Should I continue the application cycle?

    Hello everyone, I just received my MCAT score today: 127/124/129/129 (509 total.) With my CARS inconsistency, should I continue to apply this cycle? Currently, my application is "ready for review," and I've started prewriting secondaries. Additional information: 3.64 cGPA and 3.55 sGPA with...
  30. anatomicalagb

    What are my chances?

    B.S. Human Bio 3.7 gpa 509 MCAT (126 chem/phys, 127 CARS, 129 bio, 127 psych/soc) 180 hours clinical shadowing 200 hours volunteering (150 in developing country) upcoming orthopedic research added Fall 2017 80+ hours human prosection experience Schools: U of M MSU Oakland (MI) Wayne State UNC...
  31. fightingirish17

    MD What are my Chances

    cGPA- 3.63 sGPA- 3.45 MCAT- 522 60 hours of clinical shadowing 800 hours of research in a neuroscience lab on NSF funded project but never got publications or posters because we couldn't get project to work 150 hours hospital volunteering 120 hours of volunteering at halfway house 100 hours...
  32. S

    What are my chances

  33. M

    MD Chances at Duke/ feedback on schools list: 516 MCAT, 3.91 GPA, white

    This is my full schools list: 1. University of Maryland 2. Johns Hopkins University 3. University of North Carolina 4. Duke University 5. Wake Forest University 6. University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine 7. Case Western 8. Drexel University 9. Sidney Kimmel Medical College at...
  34. K

    3.78 u GPA, 3.76 science GPA, 3.78 grad GPA, 509 MCAT

    Hi guys, I'm just looking for advice on additional schools to apply to. I'm currently a FL resident. My undergrad was in molecular bio and I'm finishing my master in neurobiology. I have 300 hours shadowing, 1000+ hours as a medical scribe, 400+ hours volunteering, 2500 hours research and...
  35. S

    Decent Science GPA low overall

    recent graduate from Rutgers strongly considering the osteopathic route after having second thoughts on optometry however my cGPA is only a 2.95:thumbdown:, thanks to failing calc twice and receiving a D in pre-calc twice (math just aint my thing) however under the osteopathic science gpa...
  36. Fussbal_doc

    Should I apply this cycle?

    I am currently a junior in college doing a science major, as well as a college athlete. I currently have a 3.71 cGPA and a 3.52 sGPA I am planning currently on taking the MCAT towards the end of July. However, I am at a cross roads, I have minimal shadowing (50 hours), and minimal volunteering...
  37. H

    Should I do a post bacc?

    Hi all, I was wondering if a post bacc is worth it? My current GPA is a 3.53 and I think my sGPA is around a 3.2. I'm planning on taking the MCAT next July/August. This means that I would enroll in a post bacc program for the fall. Is it worth it?
  38. omgitsagreatday

    Help with School List!

    Hi all, I am a rising senior, applying to med school this summer. I am trying to figure out my list of schools that I will be applying to. I have a draft, but I'm not sure if it is well-balanced and such. Let me know what you all think. Here are my qualifications: GPA: 3.9 (Biology Major)...
  39. Civelle

    MD MCAT: 509 GPA: 4.0 School List a little too dreamy?

    Hey everyone so just got my MCAT back and I would say I am a little disappointed in my score, but it wasn't a total bust. I have my scores and GPA listed below and just some quick extracurriculars. I had some high hopes for schools, but I need everyone to basically give it to me straight and...
  40. shazam5

    3.99 GPA 507 MCAT. Refine my list + advice!

    • Year in school: Graduated with B.S. Human Biology with Spanish Minor • Country/state of residence: MI • Cumulative GPA: 3.99 • Science GPA: 3.985 • MCAT Scores: 507 (129/126/127/125) • Research: None. • Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites: 100 Hours at CHI - Baylor St. Luke's...
  41. Patrick Bateman's Brother

    Roast me

    I recommend: To Think and Grow Rich, TED Talk Daily podcasts, and Fearless (Biography of Adam Brown)