1. MS2023

    Do I classify my courses as Health Science or BCPM?

    I have a degree in medical laboratory science and when planning my application for the next cycle I was unsure how my courses would be classified. All my courses were all technically taken from the “Allied Health” school of the university and their course number indicates that. However, many of...
  2. M

    Does this seem like an upper level biology class?

    The class is under biomedical engineering (400 level), and it covers imaging - here's the description: This course is an introduction course on biomedical imaging for undergrad and MS students. The topics cover all major imaging modalities, such as ultrasound, MRI, optical imaging, X-ray...
  3. DoctoOcto

    Physical Anthropology - BCPM?

    I'm currently enrolled in Physical Anthropology, but it looks like it could be a lot of work, so I was wondering if this class would count as BCPM (if not I might drop it, since I just want to raise sGPA mainly). "Physical Anthropology: This is an introductory course in genetics, evolutionary...
  4. ElysiumHaven

    (2019) - TMDSAS and Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Science GPA

    Hi, Has anyone had abnormal psychology or cognitive psychology successfully listed as counting towards their science GPA with TMDSAS? I just wanted to confirm and update with someone, since the threads on SDN that I found were from 2007 and may not be relevant to the current times as of the...
  5. A

    BCPM math course

    Hello, Im taking a math course called symbolic logic (philosophy-240) and it fulfills the math requirement at my University. Will this count in the BCPM gpa since it is technically a math class?
  6. stardocscream

    Nutrition under UCSD is BIOL? - BCPM or not?

    Hello! This is more of a question specific to the AAMC, so I thought this would be a good place to ask about this since the AAMC itself was pretty vague. I'm interested in taking two Nutrition courses from the UCSD Extension program. I have an interest in some aspects of nutrition and I've...
  7. blueberry4104


  8. W

    Need help verifying classes that are considered BCPM

    Hey I wanted to know, would these courses be considered BCPM? - Genetics, Organic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry Lab II, Biochemistry for Biomedical Sciences, Calculus I, Summer Laboratory Observation - Ecology, Introduction to Biobehavioral Statistics, Seminar in Research Problems...
  9. prehealthboi

    Courses under BCPM?

    Hello, My BCPM gpa is pretty low because of a few C's in some hard science classes. I wanted to know if taking courses such as Entomology (ENY3005 or ENY2040) would count. I understand that the AAMC considers Entomology as a BCPM but I also don't want to spend money on additional coursework if...
  10. prehealthboi

    Should I apply this cycle?

    Hey guys, I am struggling to make a proper decision in regards to my career path. I will be a fourth year in the fall, and in order to apply this cycle I need to take my MCAT soon and apply (probably late, which will make my chances much slimmer). I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and up...
  11. anytimer

    Does this class count as BCPM or Health Science?

    I am unsure of whether or not these courses fall into BCPM or Health Sciences. The courses are as follows: Medicine 180A: Chinese Medicine – Its Cultural Origins and the Impact of Modernization (4 units) Medicine 180B: Integrative Medicine Practices in the Chinese Healthcare System (4 units)...
  12. Detective SnowBucket

    Great sGPA....without math :(

    SO....I'm not a strong math person and I was just calculating my AMCAS GPA and, come to find out, I have a 3.84 BCP (No M) but only a 3.747 BCPM. I know ADCOMS look over transcripts in more depth than just GPA, so will they take into account that its really math that's holding me back?
  13. E

    Another BCPM question (sorry!)

    I'm currently taking a dev bio class with a professor I really like and wanted to sign up for another course he teaches called BIOS 102 Newsworthy topics in the life sciences. The class has some sociological/media components since it was designed for "non-scientists," but it is in the biology...
  14. B

    Do these count as BCPs??

    Would these classes be considered BCPs? I think most of them should be, but I'm not positive about all of them. 1. Human Brain & Disease-we learned about brain disorders, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy 2. Neurobiology 3. Psychobiology-technically a psychology-department class, but we learned...
  15. P

    High SGPA with Bad Pre-Req Grades?

    If I have mediocre (3.0-3.3) grades for all or most of my pre-reqs, but have an overall good SGPA (3.6-3.7) due to being a science major and thus having that many more BCPM courses to make up for my poor pre-reqs... how does that look to adcoms? The reason I am asking is, couldn't a science...
  16. N

    Science Writing as BCPM?

    My biology department has an upper level class called Science Writing for the Public. Would this class count towards my sGPA since its in the bio department?
  17. F

    Would this count toward bcpm?

    I took Statistical Methods which is under economics for one of my requirements and wasn't sure if it could be included in the bcpm gpa. In the pre-health office they recommend this class to all the students for the stats requirement for a couple of courses (it really wasn't geared towards...
  18. D

    BCPM Gpa: Do my research lab credits count?

  19. D

    BCPM: What counts as math?

  20. F

    Can nursing courses be classified as BCPM?

    The majority of our lower level sciences are in the chemistry or biology department, but the upper level courses which are substantially harder are in the nursing department, but they're literally all biology based (I'm referring to clinical rotations & pharmacology) and they're harder than my...
  21. Babbitt4MVP

    Is business calculus and finite mathematics counted towards BCPM?

    Hi all, I took business calculus and "finite mathematics" my freshman year back when I was a business major. These are both 100 level math department classes at the small private university I'm attending. Will these count as BCPM and thus count towards my science GPA on my AMCAS?
  22. C

    Would this Honors Seminar count as BCPM?

  23. Marowak

    Which GPA to use?

    Which gpa (cumulative/BCPM) should I use to calculate my Lizzym score? Also, I've downloaded the AMCAS table of GPA/MCAT scores for matriculants- does that use cumulative or BCPM gpa? (I promised I searched for this and I'm only posting because I couldn't find a clear answer!)
  24. N

    Psychology Statistics counts towards BCPM?

    Its just listed as Statistics under the course catalog but is taught within the psychology department as a requirement for psych/neuro/cogsci majors. Could this count towards BCPM?
  25. R

    BCPM GPA and prerequisite courses?

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if this is an obvious question but I'm honestly not sure. I took some prerequisite classes during high school such as college algebra (MATH 1320) and Elementary Chemistry (CHEM 1090). I also took a statistics course under the department of research and measurement -...
  26. Vladimir7

    Is UD biology GPA taken into consideration

    So i know the GPA's that are important are: bcpm, and cGPA (cumulative) However it seems that bcpm are just the med school requirement classes. Intro bio, general + organic chemistry, physics and math. But what about upper division biology courses like Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiology...
  27. K

    Let me know if I'm out of my mind?

    I'm going to try to keep this as concise as possible despite having, what I feel, is a unique non-trad background (I'm sure everyone does ;)). Every year or so, I get stuck on the idea of going to med school. Near the end of HS, I dismissed the entire idea because I so strongly believed I was...
  28. K

    What happens if AMCAS reclassifies classes during verification?

    I have courses that are in the psychology department, but are purely neuroscience in content so I am classifying as BIO. What happens in the event that AMCAS reclassifies? Will they return my application and require me to resubmit? Or will they change it themselves, thereby completing the...
  29. N

    Quick Question About AMCAS GPA Trends

    I know that med schools like upwards trends (which I do have), but I was just wondering if they look at all four of them (cumulative, BCPM, other, running) or favor one (ie BCPM)? Currently, my running GPA trend isn't terrific, but the BCPM-only trend looks hopeful. Thanks!
  30. hamneraway94

    Public health courses sci gpa

    Im just wondering if adcoms for Osteopathic schools will frown upon using public health courses to count toward science gpa? I have a good amount of public health courses i did well in but not sure if a 3.0 BCPM or 3.3 BCPM with pub health courses mixed in looks better for overall sci.
  31. S

    Cumulative GPA 3.72 and 3.44 BCPM...Should I still try?

    I'm a senior economics major graduating in May. I have completed all pre-med prerequisite classes and have done plenty of volunteering/shadowing. I plan to take the MCAT this summer and apply next year (2017), so I'll have at least a couple of gap years working a decent contracting job at the...
  32. S

    Including Discrete Math (CS dept.) in BCPM GPA?

    So I was recalculating my BCPM GPA last night, and I didn't know what to do with a class called "CS 124: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science." This class is basically a course in "discrete math" / discrete structures; it deals with probability, permutations, proofing, big O notation...
  33. Brigg

    Do these classes count as BCPM?

    I need to raise my science GPA after getting C's in organic chemistry, would these count towards the science GPA? Thanks! (the BSC prefix makes me think it's a biology class but the descprition...not so much), If I were to take botany, ecology, zoology classes to raise my science GPA would that...