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Feb 29, 2004
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If you could answer the following questions I would appreciate it.
1) What are the best aspects of WSU?
2) What don't you like about WSU?

Any comments/thoughts are appreciated!


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Aug 24, 2003
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I am interviewing there also on Wednesday. I am interested in this school mainly because it is in Ohio and because I am interested in a primary care focus. Other than that I dont have much to tell you. I will see you there though.


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Sep 25, 2003
Daikoku, Japan
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Good school for Primary care. Very friendly atmosphere and classes are tight. Area is not the most exciting but it's very study friendly. Hope that helps.
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Sep 23, 2003
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The interview at WSU was pretty stressful. I had student interview first and then had an interview with a faculty. Then they gave us a tour of the school. The school's facility was average and students seemed to be pretty happy there. I got the impression that there were lots of non-traditional students there. The area where the school is located is pretty boring.


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Dec 20, 2002
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Interview was very laid back. You spend most of the day with current students who were very helpful and honest about the school. Very positive experience.


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Aug 21, 2002
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I have to say that I really liked Wright State. The campus and facilities are clean and farily new, and everything seems to be close at hand. The atmosphere was, i thought, very friendly and informal.

Class time is kept to a minimum with a lot of streaming computer lectures (true at a lot of places, i guess). I was really impressed with the clinical experience one is supposed to get while a student there. Very hands on and "teaching" oriented, if you know what I mean. The DVD they give you is great - make sure you look at it when you get home.

The focus is primary care. But many people still choose to specialize. They are going to tell you a number of times that thier residents are just as qualified as residents from other schools (as told to them by residency directors). I actually believe this due to the hand-on nature of the curriculum.

I grew up in a suburb of Dayton, so I am biased about the area. In any event, the suburb that the university is in used to be one of the armpits of Dayton. But it has REALLY turned itself around quite a bit. You'll have a relaxing four years.

Fitting us for the short coat was psychotic. I've NO idea why they think this is a good idea.

Honest to god - If I were not going to Case, I would choose WSU over UC, MCO and NEOUCOM. Can't comment on OSU. With regards to UC, that may sound insane, but I really felt comfortable at WSU.

Good luck.

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