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Dec 28, 2017
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Can anyone give me some input regarding Xavier University School of Medicine? They are not a top tier school, but are CAAM-HP accredited which is needed coming 2023, have a small track record of residency matches (through my google searches) and the tuition is approximately 148000 USD. The reason I am looking at it is because of the fact that the CAD government has them on the designated approved list, and TD and NB have given Medical Lines of Credits to their students.

But I have also noticed a wack-load of SJSM (saint james school of medcine) students transferring to XUSOM, does anybody know why? fail rate? dismissal? transfer to an accredited school?


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Dec 19, 2017
New York
SJSM is likely about to lose their CAAM accreditation and none of the other schools will take them besides XUSOM. A lot of the students are trying to get out while they still can find another school that will take them.

Also, XUSOM only has provisional accreditation. There is a huge difference between provisional and accredited with conditions.
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