1. sxph

    Avalon University Students

    Hello, are there any students of the Curaçao medical school Avalon University who studied there and can tell me if it is worth it overall? Anything about the school that is not on the website or online? Please, I need to know more to decide if I want to go. Also about their premed program.
  2. Okita814

    Med School options as International student in Canadian University Undergrad.

    Hello, I’m a second year undergrad from Japan currently studying Molecular Biology in Canada. I’m an international student and after lots of consideration, it was deemed that getting into Canadian med school is impossible. I can’t get a PR quick enough and I don’t have the time to waste two...
  3. D

    AUA FIU clerkship program

    I am a third-year student at AUA and I will be starting my core rotations hopefully this coming December. AUA has a clinical clerkship collaboration with Florida International University and I am still deciding whether I should apply for the FIU-HWCOM program with extra cost. (extra $400 per...
  4. D

    Caribbean Medical School - Xavier Med

    Hey! I was recently accepted into Xavier medical school in the Caribbean and was wondering if anyone else has gone there and what the quality of the education is? I talked to an advisor and their first-time USMLE pass rate is 96% and residency placement match is 70%. Thank you in advance!
  5. B

    Does an MCAT requirement mean the school is better?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a difference in outcomes between Caribbean schools that require the MCAT and those that don't. Like, do more students graduate and get residency positions from schools that have the MCAT as an entrance requirement? I'm pre-med, done my undergrad and looking at the...
  6. iluvmedicine2

    Is Caribbean Med School an option for me?

    Hello, I was recently dismissed from a U.S. osteopathic medical school for academic reasons (failing courses during my first year) and I’m weighing my options for the future. Following 5 application cycles in the States, I seriously considered going the Caribbean route, but decided against it...
  7. L

    Success and not-so-successful stories from those who went to Caribbean schools?

    I'm getting ready to apply to medical schools next month. I applied last cycle as well, but since I didn't get my applications in until the deadline, I didn't get many looks. In fact, I didn't get a single interview. MCAT: 503 GPA S: 2.986/C: 3.2 I've been shadowing a doctor for the last couple...
  8. E

    SGU vs Ross

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time deciding between the two. I do realize that these may not be the best options presented, but at least they are options. This is my second cycle applying. Last year, I was on the wait list at University of Arizona, but was ultimately denied. I am interviewing...
  9. R

    Ross University Experience in Barbados

    Hello, everyone. I've recently been accepted to Ross University for the September 2019 term. I know that RUSM recently moved from the island of Dominica to the island of Barbados. It is hard to find info about RUSM that is not about student life in Dominica. So I would really appreciate it if...
  10. M

    St. George's University - Medicine Class of 2023

    Hi guys, There wasn't a thread for the upcoming SGUSOM c/o 2023 thread so I thought I'd start one. I sent in my application for the 4-year MD program late October and received an interview early November. I'm just waiting to hear what the admissions committee has to say. I also applied for...
  11. T

    transferring to sgu

    Hey all! I am a current first year student at a Caribbean school and I was thinking about transferring to SGU for my second year. Is this possible? I submitted an application when I was originally applying to schools but got accepted into my current school before I heard back and they ended up...
  12. T

    transferring to SGU

    Hey all! I am a current first year student at a Caribbean school and I was thinking about transferring to SGU for my second year. Is this possible? I submitted an application when I was originally applying to schools but got accepted into my current school before I heard back and they ended up...
  13. CharlieChan93

    Chance me, roast me, or send me to the Carib

    What's up everyone, thanks for taking the time to glance at this. I would like some advice on my chances at DO schools as well as help with a realistic school list. my general metrics are: 24 year old white male from New York. 504 MCAT, 126 C/P, 124 CARS, 127 BIO, 127 PSY. Taken once, May...
  14. MNurse2MD

    Xavier University School of Medicine

    Can anyone give me some input regarding Xavier University School of Medicine? They are not a top tier school, but are CAAM-HP accredited which is needed coming 2023, have a small track record of residency matches (through my google searches) and the tuition is approximately 148000 USD. The...
  15. F

    Match rate for UMHS in St Kitts?

    Hey all, I'm a friend of someone who is applying for medical school. Her mentor (who has both a PhD and an MD) has really pushed for her to apply for a Carribbean school. My friend has really struggled these last few years and I believe had a 3.3 undergrad, 3.5 pre-med classes. Her MCATs...
  16. medstudent1215

    Caribbean Medical Schools

    Hey everyone. I was hoping to gain some opinions about Caribbean medical schools. I know that there is "the big 4" including St George, American university of the Caribbean, Saba, and Ross, but I also know there are lots of other lesser known schools that I have heard are well run programs...
  17. J

    Caribbean Ross/SGU?

    so I didn’t exactly have the best years in undergrad and I’m about to graduate with a 2.81 GPA EC’s are great with internships with surgeons at MD Anderson and all of that Worked in ER for the past 3 years at a level 1 trauma hospital, etc etc LOR are solid as well Haven’t taken the MCAT yet but...
  18. J


    so I didn’t exactly have the best years in undergrad and I’m about to graduate with a 2.81 GPA EC’s are great with internships with surgeons at MD Anderson and all of that Worked in ER for the past 3 years at a level 1 trauma hospital, etc etc LOR are solid as well Haven’t taken the MCAT yet but...
  19. butterscotchyes

    Is Caribbean school the best option?

    I applied to both M.D. and D.O. schools last year, but I think the main reason why I didn't get in was due to my uncompetitive science GPA (around 3.3). My regular undergrad GPA was 3.5, MCAT score 501, and I recently went on a medical mission trip abroad. In terms of medical volunteering, I...
  20. E

    Left A Carribean School

    Hello, I have recently left a Caribbean school, I was part of it for about 1 and a half years when I realized I hated the Caribbean route and the school also had issues with the government so it wasn't doing too well. My grades were good in my classes, but those credits won't count for me here...
  21. C

    How will Brexit affect Caribbean IMGs looking for posts in the UK

    What does Brexit mean for Non EEA IMGs? Prior to Brexit, the majority of jobs and training posts had to be given to EEA applicants by law if there were no suitable UK applicants, leaving only a small number available for IMGs. From what I've heard, IMGs had to have an excellent resume with...
  22. T

    The USMLE step 1 and 2CK (>260) journey of a non-US IMG

    Excuse the long click bait-y heading but it is true. My philosophy is preparation is everything so I think that preclinical students might benefit the most from this. My medical school is in the Caribbean and it's not St George's or Ross. So like I said, it's possible. I took step 1 after 2nd...
  23. E

    Caribbean or a different career?

    I feel like I'm in a hole right now and I don't know what to do. I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember, but I feel like it's not going to happen here in the US. I had pretty much given up on the doctor dream, but I recently looked into Caribbean med schools. I know...
  24. T

    How to Pass Comp?

    Hey everyone! So I am soon going to be writing my comp exam for the second time in about a months time. Kinda stressing out. Last attempt I got a 59 and I need a 68 to pass. I thought I had studied a lot for the 1st attempt, but obviously was not enough. I was wondering if someone could give...
  25. T

    SMP, retakes or Caribbean? Please help

    Hello, so here's my situation in my early undergraduate I made some mistakes in general class's because I was facing some personal issues. So after that was dealt with I felt like was behind and needed to cram my classes to finish on time. I graduated with a cGPA of 2.90 and a sGPA of 3.5. I...
  26. A

    Applying Internationally - Caribbean Vs. Ireland

    STATS: Age 24 First four years: biological science, did not complete, switched into engineering in fifth year, starting year 2 of engineer in September Cumulative GPA: 3.0, in most recent years 3.8 GPA however not a 5 course workload ECs: volunteering in many university clubs, elementary...
  27. P

    What is Seoul Central College of Medicine?

    Okay so this school seems really, really sketchy to me: ACU Seoul Central College of Medicine The website is rather bad, the BS/MD program is insane, and there is literally, hardly any information about it online, from students/testimonials/etc., So I'm just curious. Thanks!
  28. P

    Considering my options for psych future

    Greetings All! I wish to present my problem to you in hopes of a constructive discussion. I currently hold a BSc in Psychology (Gpa 3.2) from a college in the Caribbean (I'm also a citizen of this country) but I am soon to become a citizen of the U.S. (hopefully). These are my issues: 1. What...
  29. P

    MD Caribbean Medical School Similar to US School

    Hello All, So while I'm not necessarily exploring Caribbean medical schools, there is one question that I am curious about. Basically, it is my understanding through a bunch of research that I did, that Caribbean medical schools have a high admit rate, and then a high rate of attrition due to...
  30. M

    Lying on Application

    Hello everyone. I'm not a doctor nor do I have any desire to be one but I have a friend that really wants to. My friend was in a postbacc program but did poorly and ended up failing out and is now considering applying to Caribbean schools. However, my friend says he won't put on his application...
  31. B

    Medical University of the Americas

    Hello everyone! I am about 2 months away from leaving home and starting medical school in Nevis. I was just wondering if anyone on here is also going to MUA or someone who graduated or is currently enrolled. I just want to know some day to day things about Nevis and MUA like internet speed and...
  32. C

    UNIBE school of medicine

    The program is totally self study. But its to the point that the professors are complete unqualified and exams have questions that are totally unfair. The university claims to have an English program, but its so fake. More than half of the professors can't even speak fluent english, meaning...
  33. S

    Bad Post-bac vs. bad Caribbean?

    I know that post-bac's vs. Caribbean schools is a rehashed topic here but most of these posts are talking about the Big 4 and the more well-know/respected post-bacs such as Goucher, Scripps, etc. I was wondering about if your only choices were the bad ones. I got accepted into St. James which...
  34. M

    Caribbean Medical School Approval and Accreditation

    So this question is about Caribbean medical school accreditation. I'm aware of how the accreditation is ranked thanks to this site. http://www.caribbeanmedstudent.com/caribbean-medical-school-rankings/ But I'm not sure how one would obtain a license to practice in any state if the school is...
  35. N

    Canadian citizen, wanting to get a Master degree to raise the GPA

    Hello everyone, I'm 26 and getting my Bsc in 4 months. I have a very low GPA (~2.9) due to many problems I had past 2 years in my life but medicine is my passion and I can't let it go. I'm applying for Ireland and Carib. Schools but even for those I'm sure my chances are very low. So I want...
  36. D

    BIG 4 Decision SGU Ross AUC Saba My Opinion On Which To Go To Written 10/2016

    JUST WHAT I'VE GATHERED, THIS IS NOT FACTUAL I am accepted at all of the Big 4. I have done a lot of research, been to info sessions, the works and heres what I've come up with. They are all very similar, but its a big decision to make, so I want to put everything I can into it. I hope this can...
  37. H

    Chances for SGU medical

    I just got my mcat score back and am pretty disappointed. I only received a 495. I have good research history and have publications. Also have good letters of recommendations from doctors and doctor shadowing. Overall GPA=3.3 sGPA= 3.49 Is there any chance SGU will take me in for 2017 January...
  38. I

    Low GPA Which Med School?

    Thanks everyone in advance :)
  39. R

    Scholarships and less debt overpower a U.S. allopathic school?

    Hi guys! I am researching scholarships at SGU and AUC and I qualify for alot of them. I am just wondering if I were to get the scholarships, if the less debt would be a greater reward than going to a U.S. school and being far greater in debt. I am also asking this because I am not a URM, low...
  40. I

    I need some help

    Hey SDN, I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate. My sGPA so far is 3.14. My cGPA is 3.23. I am going to take the MCAT in 2017. Are there any US MD/DO schools that I have a chance at getting into? If so, that is my "Plan A". If that doesn't work out, should I find a linkage program to a US MD/DO...