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  1. G

    Do 3 year J1 waiver jobs kill my chance at academia?

    Basically if i want to pursue haem/onc in an academic setting, is j1 really the best option for me? Sure, there's better chances of matching than h1b, but from what i understand you'll have to do the J1 waiver jobs which last for 3 years and are mostly involving primary care only. If I take up...
  2. H

    MD & DO Pathway to Academic Oncology Specialization in Lung Cancer

    big dreamer here: if you were starting out as a first year med student, what is the path you’d take to secure a dream job specializing in lung cancer and related environmental research/advocacy at an academic medical center? what about while adding on an MBA and wanting to combine academia with...
  3. H

    Do most medical schools favor their own residents for fellowship/professorship?

    If you're interested in academic medicine and have a specific institution in mind, is it in your best interest to try to match there for residency? I have heard mixed things in terms of grad schools in general (ex.: certain fields/programs prefer to recruit professors from other schools in order...
  4. S

    FMGs in academic medicine?

    Is it possible for a foreign medical graduate today become a physician scientist or enter into academic medicine. Given the fact that a lot of NIH grants are given to US citizens only, is it possible for foreign medical graduates to get enough funding to enter academia?? Say if a fmg lands into...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Primary Care, Academic Medicine, and Medical School Rankings: An Interview With Dr. Kenny Lin

    Interview with Dr. Kenny Lin, family practitioner, medical school faculty-member and blogger [Show Summary] Dr. Kenny Lin is a graduate of Harvard, NYU Medical, and Johns Hopkins, and today is on faculty at Georgetown Medical, Johns Hopkins, and Uniformed Services University of the Health...
  6. S

    Considering med school, possible interest in academic medicine and psychiatry

    27 year old female, career-changer ORM CA resident Stats: overall gpa (ug + post-bacc) : 3.5 sgpa (ug + post-bacc): 3.3 post-bacc gpa: 3.5 post-bacc sgpa: 3.4 top 10 public undergrad w/ non STEM major - cgpa 3.4, sgpa: 3.25 haven't taken MCAT yet, practice MCAT score is not stellar: 500 -...
  7. P

    Top 20 Waitlists Decision

  8. V

    Are primary care and academic medicine mutually exclusive?

    Can I list both academic medicine and primary care as interests if schools were to ask this question? Particularly if the school focuses on primary care? I just don't often see/hear about PCPs doing research or working in large teaching hospitals etc.
  9. amuseddoughnut

    Financing/Paying off med school - Rising M1 interested in Academic Medicine

    I am a rising M1 interested in ultimately taking a position in academic medicine with some amount of clinical time and some amount of research time. I have a PhD already. My cost for med school will be about $120k for the 4 years. I'm trying to figure out if I want to take out loans for the...
  10. E

    Academic Jobs after Fellowship

    2nd year Neo Fellow here, getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel but having increasing anxiety about jobs after fellowship. Private positions are easy to find in my area but I'd like to be at an academic institution and continue my career as a clinician (and training as an...
  11. BurritoKiller

    Should I go to this interview?

    After waiting 7 months, yesterday I got an interview invite at albany medical college. I'm not sure if I want to go, as im already in at WVU, and I believe WVU is better for my career aspirations. I want to do academic medicine. I know albany has a rich history of research (two Nobel laureates)...
  12. begoood95

    Academic Medicine

    Hey everyone, There are threads about academic medicine, though most seem old (or limited), so I'd like to get a new perspective on a couple questions I have. What would be an average day in the life of physician in academic medicine? Obviously, this is going to vary, but what avenues might...
  13. C

    DO School or Reapply?

    I know this topic has been discussed on here previously but I would like to see what options I have given my specific situation. I applied to all of the Texas schools for the 2017-2018 application cycle in late July. I only received one interview and was pre-matched at UNTHSC-TCOM. I have a 3.81...
  14. TI-83

    M.D./M.S. help for Academic Medicine?

    Hello SDN! New account for anonymity. So my ultimate goal is to get into a strong academic research focused residency in order to one day have a career in academic medicine. My medical school offers a no extra time (so still only 4 years) M.D./M.S. degree where course work is taken over the...