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  1. banhvicqaz

    AADSAS Question: Should I submit my application early and update my experience section later?

    I qualify for financial aid on my ADEA AADSAS application. However, I would have to submit my application in 4 days, or I would lose the aid. I'm done with everything except for the experience section. I have a lot of ecs, shadow, volunteer, etc that will most likely require more time to be...
  2. G

    Ensuring DAT Retake Score is Official on ADEA AADSAS Application

    I am planning to reapply for dental school this coming June 1st on ADEA AADSAS. I applied last year, 2021, and have been put on the waitlist at two schools. I took the DAT first last May, (5/27/21) and retook the exam this past March (3/21/22). When I entered my DENTPin on my current...
  3. artist2022

    Official AADSAS Q&A Thread 2020-2021

    Hey guys! As the application opened today to start filling out, I'm sure there'll be many questions about how things should be done, what to include where, etc. so let's keep all the questions posted to this thread so that 1) the forum isn't flooded and 2) people can search for their questions...
  4. N

    Canadian school to ADEA AADSAS (USA): Processing time for a transcript to arrive?

    Hello, I have been studying in Canadian school and requested the transcript to be sent to ADEA AADSAS for dental applications. The school said the processing time will take 3-5 days or even more due to Covid-19, but I am really curious of how long it actually would take. Did anyone try ordering...
  5. R

    Disadvantaged Student (Edited)

    Hello, fellow SDN users! I am currently writing the ADEA application for this cycle, and I have decided to apply with disadvantaged consideration. I wrote a rough rough draft for the disadvantaged student status essay - it is way over 4500 characters and I thought it would be helpful to get some...
  6. K


    Under the "Check Status" Tab there is an option to download your application that is sent to each school. This is where your final GPA calculation is shown, correct?
  7. M

    Difference between "complete" or "accepted" on ADEA AADSAS Evaluations area?

    Hi Everyone, On my ADEA AADSAS application, under "Evaluations", one professors Status says "Accepted" and I know that she did send it in to the online area, and my LOR from my dentist says "complete". What is the difference?
  8. uhds

    Transcript Entry Course Title/Subject

    Hello everyone! My transcripts lists a course as "Interpersonal Comun I" should I list it in the Course Title as "Interpersonal Comun I" or do I list it as "Interpersonal Communication I"? For Course Subject: There's a bunch of choices now, it's not listed just as Biology, Chemistry...
  9. NitrousPudding

    Your daily dose of idiocy

    Yay first post! So I repeated/am repeating my 6th course now. :dead: Just because I was blinded by my Uni's "we take the higher grade in your GPA calc, and the first attempt shows as No Credit Retained on your transcript" policy. Somehow I figured it's better this way...:smack: I'm actually...
  10. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    Does this sound like an excuse?

    On the background section of ADEA AADSAS, they ask: "Has your education ever been interrupted or affected adversely for reasons other than deficiencies in conduct or academic performance?" I indeed suffered from serious illness over two months. I wrote: "During the Fall 2014 semester, I...
  11. Toothout

    FAP Letter of Explanation

    Somehow I cant find a thread answering my question. Does someone knows how to write a letter of explanation for the FAP. I am not able to provide my parent W2 because his employer never gave him one. The FAP guide only says "Copies of 2015 Federal tax returns (including the 1040 tax forms, W2s...
  12. C

    AADSAS Number of LORs?

    Hey guys, For this upcoming 2016-2017 Dental School application cycle I see that AADSAS says that you can select to submit four individual letters of recommendation. However, somewhere else (I'm trying to figure out where) said that you can submit "up to four" letters. So, my question is: do...
  13. D

    Failed classes due to illness. Will ADEA AADSAS understand?

    Okay so during freshman year I got struck with an autoimmune disease and was hospitalized the week of finals for about a month and a half. I ended up failing all 3 classes I took that quarter (well, because I didn't take the final), but I returned a year later after I had fully recovered from my...
  14. uhds

    Degree & Major Application Confusion-HELP!!

    *No, I'm not applying this cycle. This is just for future reference, hopefully people who have know more about this can help me out. Hey guys, I am in need of your help! I'm wondering what you guys think as far as how I should categorize this major & degrees dilemma that I have. :bang: My...