1. gyngyn

    Official Other Impactful Experience thread 2023/2024

    Let's put it here. I'll start!
  2. C

    Thoughts on this adversity topic?

  3. bouncydidit

    Writing "challenge" secondary question

  4. P

    Adversity essay idea: Talking being a bad writer at first and how I worked to improve?

    I've had a very comfortable middle class life without big adversity and don't have any crazy stories to talk about. One idea I came up with is writing about how I used to be a terrible writer and how I improved. Does this sound stupid and privileged?
  5. KL13

    Thought on Disadvantaged/ Adversity Essay

  6. S

    Help with adversity essay topic?

    Hi all, First, please don't quote any more than you need to. This is all kind of personal, so I'd like to be able to go back and edit/remove what people see if for whatever reason I feel it's necessary (although I've made sure not to include anything that I couldn't live with if a troll decided...
  7. F

    Secondaries - Adversity/Challenge Essay topic advice

  8. D


  9. TheBlueSnail

    Personal Statement - Writing about racist hometown and childhood

    Hi all, I am not sure if I'll use this in the personal statement or somewhere else in my application but I've been getting mixed feedback. Keeping things vague so I don't dox myself. I was born and grew up in a super small rural town to two immigrant parents and 2 immigrant siblings (all...
  10. G

    Diversity Secondaries

    I am a white female, but I think I have been exposed to slightly different environment than applicants with a similar profile to me. They are all related to blue collar, low middle class income: 1. Deep understanding of how addiciton impacts every aspect of life: my brother battled alcohol...
  11. bluepeony

    Adversity essay ideas

  12. G

    Adversity Essay Topic Selection?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I was hoping you all can help with an adversity topic so I can bang out my last few secondaries in a week or so. I just dont wanna start writing an essay centered around a bad idea. Anyway I have 2 leads: 1) I had to do a group presentation at an event with my...
  13. B

    Personal adversity essay topic - TOO personal?

  14. A

    Challenge vs. Adversity

    I know I may be reading too much into this...but do y'all view the essay prompts differently depending on if they ask about a "challenge" versus "adversity"? To me, an adversity seems to refer more to something bad that happened to you personally, but a challenge is more broad and less severe...
  15. Blue96

    'Adversity' Secondary Essay Help

    Having difficulty with 'adversity' secondary essay to say the least. Thinking of discussing the challenges I encountered teaching guitar lessons to disadvantaged teens. A few divulged some major personal struggles with me, some never practiced and wanted to quit. Having come from a pure musical...
  16. girlunobserved

    Adversity Essay Topic Ideas

    Hi, been brainstorming a couple of ideas: - overcoming social anxiety over the course of ~10 years (started as the weird girl reading books in the corner of a classroom and then migrated to being someone that could talk to anyone by the end of college) - growing up in an area that had security...
  17. C

    Adversity Essay

    Trying to pick a topic for the adversity essay and I was thinking about writing about my recent trip to Guatemala. I was responsible for getting the vitals of children. Since we didn't have enough translators I was left with my little knowledge of spanish to converse with them. Is the language...
  18. smileyfacegirl27

    Challenge/Failure Essay - is it okay to use high school?

    For many secondaries, prompts asking about a time you failed or a challenge you overcame are quite common. I was wondering if it was okay to use academic failures from high school (such as failing everything freshman year of high school and being expelled then having to go to another school and...
  19. R

    Adversity Ideas

    Was hoping to get some feedback and advice on potential prompts: 1) Running cross country- I joined freshman year of high school, and realized I was never going to be one of the fastest on the team. I was initially disheartened but instead of comparing myself to others I changed my idea of who...
  20. ominous2792

    Adversity, The Non-Traditional Applicant, and Domestic Violence

    Hey everyone, first let me say that I've found this site very useful from afar (thanks, google), but i've only recently decided to join myself. If this goes someplace else, i'm sorry! I'm new here. Anyways, I wanted to get some input about how medical schools value adversity and...
  21. D

    Advice on adversity/diversity

  22. 7

    When is it appropriate to write adversity essay on pre-adolescence/adult events?

    Hello everyone, I've heard differing opinions on whether it's appropriate or not to write about pre-adolescence/adult events for your adversity essay? I understand to stay away from early-childhood events. But what about childhood and onwards? [examples removed to remain anon] Edit: Consensus...