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    Accommodations for Narcolepsy without Cataplexy

    I was diagnosed with type 2 narcolepsy (without cataplexy) about a month before starting medical school last fall, and I assumed pharmacological treatment would be helpful but it fluctuates. The disorder makes sleep irresistible at different times each day and often results in oversleeping in...
  2. A

    Average Grants and Scholarships Offered by Texas Medical Schools - Advice for A Pre-Med

    Hello everyone. This is a Texas Pre-Med here. While researching Medicine and Medical schools, I have been focusing, nowadays, on the grants and all the different types of aid I can receive if (Hopefully) I get accepted to a Medical school/various Medical schools. So, can you guys guide me on...
  3. P

    Are recruitment scholarships the only type?

    Are recruitment scholarships the only types of scholarships medical schools offer? By recruitment I mean they only offer it to you if they see you have other acceptances. If you only have one acceptance is your chance of a grant/scholarship nil? Thanks for all the help :)
  4. S

    Filling out FAFSA Confusion/Questions

    Hey peeps, So I'm trying to start my FAFSA for the upcoming year and have a couple questions. I'm currently a senior finishing up my bachelors degree and plan on starting dental school this upcoming summer. 1) Starting out with a general one: if I submit by the end of this week, will schools...
  5. J

    Canadian Nontrad. How can school be made affordable?

    I'm a Canadian with an engineering background (including a master's). I have a GPA of 3.7-3.85, depending on how you calculate it. I'm still waiting for my MCAT score and it will basically determine if I have good chances for Canadian schools or not. I'm trying to understand the entire process...
  6. Y

    Step 1 preparation

    Hi! I will be taking steo 1 next summer (july maybe) and since I already began my second year of medical school I was wondering at what moment should I start studying for it. Also, what plan would you recomend? And finally, how old is "too old" for a first aid? I have the 2016 version, should...
  7. G


    Hello everyone, So i have my step 1 one month from today, and I am thinking about delaying it but not too sure. By the end of this week, I will have gone through UWORLD and will do my first NBME this weekend. I am kind of scared honestly haha. Anyway, my original plan was going to be to do FA...
  8. OT1224

    Other OT-Related Information NYU financial aid package

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you (or a friend) know when accepted applicants receive their financial aid package from NYU? Also, how much % of it is loans and how much is scholarship/grants? I'm the first generation to go to graduate school so I'm on my own. Thank you!