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  1. Nam Ly

    Healthcare experience as a medical assistant included in personal statement for dental school

    Hi Everyone, I need your enthusiastic advises for my personal statement for dental school I am working as a medical assistant. In the paragraph where I want to describe an experience that made me interested in serving others through Healthcare. I include my experience working as a medical...
  2. K

    DAT Retake 24 AA, 27 TS

    hi all I just retook my DAT for the third time. here is my breakdown for all my attempts. (first-->second-->third) 2017-->2017-->2018 BIO 18 --> 21 --> 28 (+8) CHEM 19 --> 25 --> 24 (-1) OCHEM 15 --> 24 -->30 (+6) :soexcited: QR 15 --> 21 --> 22 (+1) PAT 17 --> 21--> 22 (+1) RC 17 -->...
  3. Auntymarkovnikov

    Best laptop for dental school?

    What laptop do you believe is the best for dental school and why? Going laptop shopping soon :alien:
  4. C

    My DAT Retake: 20AA (21TS & 16RC) to 25AA (25TS& 25RC).

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my DAT retake experience with all of you. The reason I took the DAT again was I felt it was holding my application back, and I KNEW I could do better. I did not feel it was a true representation of my knowledge in the subject areas. Some say DAT doesn't...
  5. K

    DAT breakdown and concern for RC....

    So i just took my DAT couple days ago. PAT 21 QR 21 RC 15 Bio 21 Che 25 Oche 24 TS 23 AA 21 MOCK TESTS (DAT BOOTCAMP TEST 1,2,3,4,5) PAT 22 23 22 21 19 QR 20 19 20 19 17 RC 16 16 17 19 17 BIO 20 21 21 22 22 CHE 24 21 23 23 20 OCH 19 22 18...
  6. Auntymarkovnikov

    What schools should I add to my list?

    My GPA is 3.49. I have an AA 19, TS 20, PAT 20 What schools should I add to my list?? (some of these are reaches so I need some realistic ones) UCSF UOP USC UCLA Western UWashington Oregon UNLV MWA NYU Tufts UMichigan
  7. Auntymarkovnikov

    Boston University Calc Pre-req

    BU has a calc pre-req. I want to apply there but I have not taken calc and will not take calc because it is not required by my major. Does anyone know of anyone who has been excepted into their program without taking calc?
  8. M

    Facial hair for interview

    I know this has been discussed before but Im looking for an updated answer. I have an interivew Friday at Rutgers and want to know if I should shave my facial hair. It's a very good beard and well kept.
  9. M

    Average dat scores this cycle

    Based of the forums it seems to be that the dat scores of applicants of this higher are much higher than years past. Is there any truth to this or anyway to find out the average dat score for this cycle?
  10. Auntymarkovnikov

    DAT in 3 days!!

    I can't postpone the exam because my Bootcamp subscription literally runs out the day of my exam. I took BC full lengths 1,2,3, and 5 (i meant to do 4 but i accidentally clicked on 5, fml). I don't want to take any tests on Thursday, the day before my exam.. so tomorrow (Wednesday) should i take...
  11. Auntymarkovnikov

    Reading Comprehension Strategies Needed

    I took my first 3 reading comp tests beginning 2 days ago and scored terribly: 16, 15, 15. I don't understand why I am doing so poorly. I'm pretty sure I just don't have a good strategy. I read and write a lot. I am a liberal arts major and my major requires an excessive amount of reading and...
  12. Auntymarkovnikov

    Took my first practice test.. DAT in 9 days. Need advice!!

    My exam is on the 18th (Today is the 9th) I took my first full-length practice exam and I'm getting a little worried. It was from Bootcamp, here are my scores: Bio: 19 GC: 22 OC: 24 PAT: 21 RC: 16 QR: 16 I got my butt handed to me on RC. Didn't finish RC or QR. I guess in my defense ive never...
  13. M

    chance me dental school 23aa 22ts 21pat

    Age 21 Biology major chem and Spanish minors 23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa 3.67 bio/biochem/physics gpa 200 hours community service fraternity philanthropy chair 350 hours working/shadowing general dentist Manager at country club 2 science...
  14. M

    chance me

    23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa 200 hours community service fraternity philanthropy chair 350 hours working/shadowing general dentist ny state resident applying to: stony brook, Columbia, nyu, tufts, bu, maryland, rutgers, touro, buffalo, pitt
  15. M

    Dat break down 7/25/17 23aa 22ts

    Just took my dat on july 25th and figured I'd post a breakdown. Studied for 2-3 months using destroyer, Crack Pat, bootcamp and chads and Achiever. I scored: 23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa First, I would like to say I am very happy I am done...
  16. J

    Retook DAT and lower scores (HELP!)

    I am in a really strange/scary position.. I took the DAT last year and scored a 17 AA and retook it couple weeks ago and scored a 16 AA (breakdowns are below). I am not sure what went wrong on my second DAT, I used bootcamp, mikes videos, chads, make bio notes etc. I must say....I should've...
  17. Nappygirl

    DAT breakdown (23AA/23TS/22PAT) + chance me?

    Hey friends! So I took my DAT on 7/31/17 and here are my scores PAT: 22 QR: 22 RC: 19 Bio: 24 GC: 20 OC: 29 TS: 23 AA: 23 Overall, very happy with my scores! I prepared for 8 weeks, following Ari’s schedule. Additionally, I am a Bio major with minors in Chem and Art. I took a few...
  18. Auntymarkovnikov

    Pay supplementals before or after DAT?

    Another important question: Should I wait until after I take the DAT to send in supplemental apps so that way I can assess if my scores are strong enough to secure admission somewhere. I just don't want to blow money on schools that I don't have a chance of getting in. I have paid for all the...
  19. Auntymarkovnikov

    What is the best time of day to take the DAT??

    Anyone have any insight as to what time of day is ideal to take the DAT? Morning, afternoon, night? 8am, 12pm, 3pm, etc... ? I am currently scheduled for August 3rd at 4pm but I'm thinking of switching to August 8th at 8am.
  20. Auntymarkovnikov

    PAT advice?

    I keep getting an 18 every time i take a Bootcamp PAT test. It's really annoying. Some days im stronger in some subjects, some days im weaker in others. (Keyhole, TFE, and PF hit me hard). Any advice on how i can get that up to a 22 would be great :D Exam is in ~3 weeks
  21. A

    advice needed on DAT score

    So I just took the DAT and got: PAT: 21 QR:21 RC:16 Biol: 21 Chem: 22 OChem: 21 TC: 21 AA:20 With the 16 in reading do I still have a chance? My other stats are 3.61 sgpa and overall gpa by aadsass. I have already applied this cycle I also have plenty of volunteering, leadership, and research...
  22. DDental777

    DAT Exam soon... Any general advice

    Hello everyone I have my dat exam in less then a month this is my second time taking it first time i got Pat 19 QR 16 RC 19 Bio 16 Chem 19 Ogro 21 AA 18 TS 18 Gpa 3.5 Did not even get interview First time all i used was the destroyer and had a weak bio foundation For this tome around i have...
  23. N

    What should I do next ? What are my chances ?

    Some basic info about me 1. International Student (Vietnamese) - F1 student Visa 2. Major - Biology 3. Just graduated (undergraduate degree) 4. Overall GPA 3.79 5. Science GPA 3.80 6. DAT (17AA - PA 20, QR 16, RC 13, BIO 19, GC 18, OC 19, TS 18). I KNOW IT'S REALLY LAME (4 weeks of medium...
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