1. scs589

    Auburn CVM Class of 2024 Hopefuls!

    Haven't seen a thread made for Auburn yet, so here goes! How is everyone feeling about their apps?
  2. F

    Auburn HSOP Class of 2024

    Hey Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had heard from Auburn Harrison School of Pharmacy yet, I checked my pharmCAS this morning and seen where it had just become verified!
  3. Ske0016


    I applied for early decision at Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy. Has anyone from there or anywhere else gotten an interview yet?
  4. spottedfeatherik

    Animal nutrition online course?

    Hi! I'm thinking of applying to Auburn, but my university does not offer an animal nutrition course, so I am trying to find one online. I called Auburn earlier today to ask them if they specifically recommended any online programs, and they mentioned Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, North Carolina, and...
  5. AcaffinatedMinD

    2018-2019 Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (Auburn)

    Hey guys here's the prompt for the 2018-2019 Secondary for all the VCOM campuses. They are the same questions as the ones last year as well. 500 words maximum for each one. 1. Describe the top three reasons you have chosen osteopathic medicine as your professional choice in becoming a physician...
  6. H

    Auburn Cvm c/o 2022

    Let's get a thread started! This is for individuals accepted into Auburn vet school for the class of 2022 and will be going in the fall! Who else is excited to start their veterinary career!?
  7. T

    Please Evaluate Me!

    Hello Forum. I am a psychology major at Auburn University. I came into AU as a biomedical science major because I was naive and thought you had to major in science to go to medical school. My spring semester of freshman year, I took intro to Psych and absolutely fell in love. The December before...
  8. M

    VCOM - Auburn, Rural rotation sites, Jack Hughston, 3rd, 4th year rotations

    I am all over the place so pls bear with me and please help me. 1) what is the criterion to get assigned a rotation site, lottery, grades? Jack Hughston is a "ortho" hosiptal predominantly so how will students get to rotate in all areas that students at hospitals do? 2) Do students get to pick...
  9. K

    Auburn University HSOP C/O 2021

    I can't seem to find a thread here for Auburn's pharmacy program for this cycle. Has anyone here had an interview/been accepted?
  10. A

    When Reality and Dreams meet....and don't get along

    Quick background info: I have always wanted to be a large animal veterinarian. always. Growing up my plan was to attend Auburn, naturally, because I lived in Alabama. Sophomore year of high school moved to KY, which is fine because they contract with Auburn and Tuskegee. Senior year I was...
  11. jumpingqueen1793

    Law School --> Vet School

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice! Basically here is my story: I just graduated from undergraduate in 2015 with a Classics major. I didn't really know what I wanted to so I decided to go to law school, got in to a pretty good one, and I'm about to finish my first year. However, I am not...
  12. D

    Auburn, Al- Pet friendly 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for rent

    Hey all, 3 bed, 2 full bathroom manufactured (mobile) home for rent in Orchard Way Park- about 5 minutes from AUCVM and 15 to TUSVM 1200 sq foot home Pet friendly- fenced yard with large covered deck Master bedroom has walk in closet and bathroom with garden tub and stand up shower Brand new...