1. G


    I am originally from a large city so naturally have more of an urban preference, but I've heard incredible things about rural medicine on rotations. That being said though, I would prefer to do residency in a large city! Any advice/insight on the below would be incredibly helpful - Thanks in...
  2. G

    TouroCOM-Harlem vs Burrell COM

    I know that these two schools are pretty controversial. Just wanted to get general opinions on the two, and which is better if you had to pick between them. Thank you in advance :) PS I only attended an interview for TCOM, and my experience wasn't that bad!
  3. M


    Hey everyone! I am grateful to have gotten three acceptances from KCU (kansas city, MO), LMU (harrogate, TN) and BCOM (las cruces, NM). I already made a deposit at LMU because their deadline came before I received the other acceptances. However, I have to make a decision very soon because BCOM's...
  4. BellaWriterChic

    KCU-Joplin v. BCOM

    Hey Everyone! I have recently been accepted to KCU-Joplin and BCOM. Both are great programs and I am having a hard time deciding between each. KCU-Joplin Details Located in the Midwest, which is close to family. Curriculum is the same from KC campus, which has shown excellent board...
  5. C

    Burrell Interview

    Hi, I was looking for any information regarding Burrell interview, what its like, what questions they ask, type of interview, etc. I've searched the internet and the forums and all I've really been able to find are just some people saying how laid back it was and how nice the faculty are. I know...
  6. M

    Location Dilemma/Long-term plans

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong location. I'm having somewhat of a dilemma. I got into a guaranteed acceptance post-bacc at burrell college of osteopathic medicine, which is a program that would start this fall. Will a degree from Burrell be able to land me a good residency later...
  7. Alienman52

    Interviewing for the "Experience?"

    Hi all, I have been fortunate enough this cycle to have a DO acceptance in hand. Needless to say I am elated, however, I'm having difficulty deciding if I should attend two of my other interviews. I have an acceptance at ACOM, and interviews at LUCOM and BCOM. IMHO, I think LUCOM is a pretty...
  8. D


    A little help please ... I've been accepted at both schools, but I'm required to make a decision within 2 days. I don't know which to choose yet, so I need your help. I enjoyed my visit to both schools. And both have their ups and downs. One has huge potential, but is unproven. And the...
  9. avdentes

    BCOM Foundations in Biomedical Science Post-Bacc

    Does anyone have any specific info on this program? They have a guaranteed acceptance if you graduate with a B+ overall average and no individual course grade of <B. Thoughts??? *Note that this is not a degree granting program, thus students are not eligible for federal financial aid funding.
  10. mj1988


    Hi SDNers, I have the great fortune of multiple acceptances from BCOM, GA-PCOM, and NYITCOM – AR plus a waitlist at NSUCOM. Which one would you choose and why? I am having issue evaluating my acceptances but what I gave top priority to are 3rd/4th yr rotations, curriculum/board prep, cost...