1. A

    Should I leave or stay in medical school?

    I don't know if medicine/healthcare is right for me anymore. I'm a second year podiatry student (23F) and I feel very burnout/unmotivated. I feel as though I'm forcing myself to do this because this is what I've been working towards my whole life. I don't feel like I'm staying for the right...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical Doctor, Mother, and SMILE Score Creator [Episode 310]

    Interview with Dr. Laura Vater, resident physician and SMILE Score creator [Show Summary] Dr. Laura Vater is a current resident in internal medicine, future hematologist/oncologist, mom, and inventor of The SMILE Score, a tool to help patients and health care providers simplify and prioritize...
  3. T

    What alternative medical careers can I pursue if I give up?

    Hi folks, I'm currently in the middle of a Master's program. Trying to earn a new GPA. Currently I'm at a 3.53. I've gotten the hardest classes over with so hopefully it'll get up to 3.7 or so when done. My undergrad GPA was 3.0 which is humiliating. In undergrad I was severely sick for 3/4 of...
  4. BaSsHeAd

    is a transition from retail to managed care possible?

    Hi all, I have been in retail for 5+ years now, but only been working as an RPh for about 6 months since i’m a new grad. However, i’m finding it very hard to adjust from being a tech to a being pharmacist and am already burned out. I’m looking to explore the managed care arena and if anyone...
  5. CLpsycho

    Feeling trapped by academia. How can I get out?

    What are some post-fellowship career options for psychiatrists who want to escape from academia and put together a work-life balance that allows one to focus on family? This question has been eating away at me for months now, and I hope someone can share a bit of wisdom with me. Apologies for...
  6. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Getting Burnt out....

  7. MemberX

    Possible Career Advise -- HELP!

  8. Tea Leaf

    Negativity in medicine

    I work as a scribe in an ED so I get a lot of opportunities to ask physicians about their jobs, their lives, and witness them doing their work first hand. I will be honest: the majority of them do not seem happy or satisfied with their jobs or their lives. A specific physician told me that you...
  9. A

    Practice Full Lengths - How many and how frequently?

    Currently I am still working on content review. I plan on being finished with this by the first week of July, which is when I'll begin doing practice full lengths and reviewing them until my test date (August 20th). How many full lengths did you take prior to the MCAT? And how frequently did...
  10. Just1voice

    Taking pre-med requirements in business school?

    I just found out the b-school I'm considering attending this fall allows students to take classes throughout the university. I'm very fortunate this won't affect my finances if I can schedule science classes around my MBA curriculum, but it could affect my GPA. I'm also hoping to work in...