case western reserve university

  1. jonathon doe

    Case Western PBL

    I just got accepted at case western dental school and have a few questions for current students. 1. What is the PBL like? How many hours a week is it and what days is it on? 2. What is the D1 schedule like at case? 3. what is the traffic like to get downtown? How long does it typically take?
  2. T

    UF (OOS) vs Case

    UF vs Case UF pros: - nice weather - more global health opportunities than Case - lecture is recorded and non-mandatory - affordable housing within walking distance of campus - less expensive (49k OOS) but could become IS (37k) after year 2 (over 4 years this is about a 85k total difference...
  3. D

    UCSB vs UC Davis vs UCLA vs Case Western for Premed

    I am a current high school senior in California, and I was lucky enough to be accepted into UCSB (honors), UC Davis (regents), UCLA, and Case Western Reserve University. I'm having trouble choosing between these four institutions. Any help would be much appreciated :) SB: pros- - easiest of...

    CWRU vs McGill

    I know this may be slightly outside many people's area of expertise, but this is a decision I must make. I welcome all those who do have an opinion to help me out if they like. Thanks! NOTE: I am a citizen of both the US and Canada. CWRU Pros: Top 25 US MD school Excellent match list...
  5. SophiaJ666

    Renting APT for rent : close to Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital ,CASE

    I have available for a Big three bedrooms with two bathroom suit. contact : [email protected] Location: apartment in 1351 east blvd,cleveland, 44106 . 5-10 min bike to University Hospitals, Case campus, RTA train station, Cleveland Clinic Duration: One year contact Cost: Monthly rent $1200...
  6. H

    Renting Private Room Near Cleveland Clinic, Case and University Hospitals

    Great location for Grad Students, Residents, Interns and Professionals. Furnished private rooms in a large, elegant shared home. Rooms are equipped with bed, dresser and TV w/cable. Guests have access to shared kitchen, shared bathrooms, washer/dryer and wireless Internet. Located within...
  7. B

    Case vs OSU

    Hi guys, I'm currently between choosing OSU and Case for med school. Case Pro: Family in Cleveland Eventually hope to work for UH or Cleveland Clinic Opportunity for medical Spanish program Master's in Applied Anatomy looks cool Case Con: COST*** (I know we all take out loans but Case is...
  8. K

    Rush Medical College vs Case Western

    I'm in a pickle about which school to go with: Rush or Case Western (University track). I'm from Chicago, my family and boyfriend are here, and when I started this process I honestly thought I wouldn't end up with many options and was really just hoping for something IS. I liked both schools on...
  9. N

    Surgery Matching

    Please don't accuse me of being naive for positing this question, but I had a question about Match lists. So I'm applying to the following BS/MD Program Medical schools and I was doing some simple statistical analysis. I am only interested in surgery, so I compiled data on matches into surgical...
  10. Student1222

    Deciding on SMP

    I need some deciding on an SMP. These are the school. - Case Western Reserve University MS in Medical Physiology - Even though they are one of the newer program, they seem to have a good record. - Also, there are ton of hospitals and experiences around the campus\ - Bad thing is, its in...
  11. W

    Case Western vs Temple

    Hey all, I just got off the waitlist at both Case Western and Temple and am having a some trouble deciding between them. Anyone care to share your thoughts? Thanks!
  12. P

    Which medical school for someone interested in radiation oncology?

    The deadline for holding on to just one med school acceptance is coming near, and I'm still torn between Case Western and Colorado School of Medicine. Right now, my primary interest in specialty is radiation oncology. Although I'm keeping an open mind, I think there's a good chance that I will...
  13. MHrndz

    University of Rochester vs Case Western Reserve University

    Hey Everyone! So I am having a really hard time trying to decide between Rochester and Case. I had a great time during both of my interviews and I feel like students at both schools seemed very happy. Rochester's total cost of attendance is about 13K cheaper a year but what is pushing me away...
  14. NaomiM

    Case Western Master's in Medical Physiology 2016-2017

    Hey, there's no thread yet for Case! Has anyone else submitted an app here?