Jan 1, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Status (Visible)
  1. Pre-Medical
I need some deciding on an SMP.

These are the school.

- Case Western Reserve University MS in Medical Physiology
- Even though they are one of the newer program, they seem to have a good record.
- Also, there are ton of hospitals and experiences around the campus\
- Bad thing is, its in cleveland.... (I attended undergrad here)

- It has a good track record
- Its in Boston.

I got wait listed from Tufts, which was my first choice.
- I think there are too much uncertainty, so I think Tufts isn't a choice anymore.

EDIT: here are my information.
cGPA: 3.25
sGPA: 3.29
MCAT: 512
Research Experience: 2~3 years.
Volunteer: 150 hours.
Shadowing: 70 hours.
Work: work study for 3.5 years (20hours/week).

Do you guys have any recommendations for me? Any reasons for certain choice?
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