1. D

    Should I change State Residency before applying????!

    Help!!! I am a legal resident of Georgia but I have been living in Pennsylvania for a year while obtaining my Master's degree. I would like to stay in the area and work as an EMT for my gap year, but that would require me to change my legal residency to Pennsylvania. I've been told to look at...
  2. K

    Oat topic changes?

    On the 2017 OAT topics list, I don't see magnetism under Physics. Is it safe to say that I won't be seeing this topic on the test?
  3. SkyBlueRider

    Changing My Application Based on How Conservative the School is?

    Hi guys! I was just wondering everyone's opinion on how much one should change their secondary answers based on how conservative the school is? I am quite liberal and so many of my secondary answers include life stories, volunteering etc that is of a more liberal mind (eg volunteering at...
  4. M

    Changing very common hispanic last name for a unique last name

    Hello everyone! I am an international student that just got accepted into medical school. In my country you have both your father and mothers last name legally. My question is if I should change my very common Hispanic last name (ex. Rodriguez, Garcia) to my second legal name which is more...
  5. NotASerialKiller

    How different was your major by the time you graduated?

    Similar to how people say med students often end up in different specialties that they originally thought, when advising pre-meds I usually tell them that most undergrads switch majors so they shouldn't stress over it. I believe the consensus is that that's generally true, but what about for the...
  6. Lokey

    Should I proceed with my current major?

    I am currently in my 2nd year of college. In the beginning of my college life, I had a strong interest to study in the field of computers and become and IT. My current major is Computer and Information Technology - Software. Just recently my thoughts were swayed and now I have a strong interest...
  7. S

    Change of Plans for future course work. Master's Degree

    So when I was filling out my AMCAS in June, I was thinking of doing a one year Master's program while I apply this year. I called up AMCAS and they told me that you can put in future courses, but they don't have to be verified. Recently I decided to go against this decision and continue working...
  8. H

    Change LOR after it was sent in

    Hello all, I designated 4 evaluators to write me a letter. One has sent his in already and it is seen as received on 7/11/16 and "completed" processing on the AADSAS website. After reading what he wrote, I decided I would like to choose a different evaluator. However, I do not see the red...
  9. OnePunchBiopsy

    ERAS: So begin the social media name changes.

    All my friends filling out ERAS for residency have started changing their names on Facebook. I have very stringent privacy setting on my profile. Two questions: 1.) Should I change my name? 2.) If I should change my name, what should I change it to? Please keep all responses professional (LOL)
  10. A

    How to explain change of major in interview/personal statement

    In the spring of 2014, I started the BSN program at my university. I completed one semester unsuccessfully, with my final grades being pharmacology-B, assessment-B,nursing fundamentals-C. I did not enjoy nursing school for several reasons. 1) I never wanted to be a nurse.. I chose nursing...
  11. B

    From Family Medicine to Anesthesia

    Hello All! Long time stalker, first time poster. I am a PGY-1 at a great full spectrum Family Medicine Program (tons of inpatient medicine, ICU, NICU, pediatric, and OB experience), however, I have always been interested in Anesthesia. I'm 3 months into my intern year and cannot see myself...