Jul 25, 2016
So when I was filling out my AMCAS in June, I was thinking of doing a one year Master's program while I apply this year. I called up AMCAS and they told me that you can put in future courses, but they don't have to be verified. Recently I decided to go against this decision and continue working in my job, but unfortunately my AMCAS was verified by that time. In some of my secondaries I notified the school indirectly that my plans were different.

Now do I have to contact each school and let them know I'm not doing the Master's program, or do you think it doesn't make a big effect since this is all future course work and I had no grades for them.

I'm unsure because if I get an interview, I'm sure it will come up then. I can easily explain it then too (I had a good reason not to pursue the program), but I don't want to make it seem like I was withholding information.

If I have to contact them, how should I do this? Email them directly or through the secondary portal, or both?


Let me know if you need any more information to better judge the situation.


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It wont matter. If it comes up in interview then you explain it
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