chemistry major

  1. AortaSorta

    Changing my major to... Chemistry?

    Hi all! Forgive me if I don't do this correctly, this is my first time on this site. I was accepted as a high school senior into a 5-year PA program. I was projected to get a degree in Human Bio in 3.5 years and a masters in Physician Assistant Studies in 5. I'm a sophomore now, and after...
  2. P

    Molecular Biology, MCAT, and GPA for Admissions

    Hello! I am a biology and chemistry double major, and currently a sophomore. I've been working on a 4 year plan with my advisor and we recently came across a problem. I have four options, according to him: 1. Put off Physics II until spring of senior year, and take molecular next spring instead...
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    Struggling with Major, please help!!!

  4. D

    Is it still possible?

    I am going to be a freshman this fall at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. I wish to pursue a degree in chemistry and a music minor. I didn't end up starting off on the premed track and my first semester classes are: calc 2, principles of chemistry, music theory (for music minor)...
  5. The Dude....

    Organic Chem - Pre-MD: Organic Chem for Biology Major or Organic Chem for Chemistry Majors...???

    Alright gentleman, Got a dilemma. Signing up for organic chem...only problem is my university has two. One set for Biology majors and another more in-depth for Chemistry majors. Which one do I take? If the chemistry major one isn't required for MD schools then I would like to take the one for...
  6. T

    Does the difficulty of my major outweigh the lower GPA?

    Hi forum, Im a sophomore in college majoring in chemistry, and honestly its more than just a rough ride. After taking biology (B in both), General chemistry (B, B+)and Orgo 1 (a B) I have started to realize that these difficult chemistry courses are just the beginning. I have yet to take...
  7. N

    Pharmacy Technician to Pharmacist questions

    Hey you guys! I am a current student taking general education courses and pre reqs at a community college. I knew I always wanted to be in the medical field i was just never sure what i wanted to be exactly...until recently i decided to become a pharmacy technician. then after that get B.A then...