1. Spotts.A

    General Advice on picking a school (ICOM, LUCOM, NSU KPCOM, VCOM (LA))

    Hello, I am new to the site and this is my first time applying to medical school. I have been lucky enough to be accepted at multiple schools, but now I am running into the issue of choosing which school to attend. I've taken notes and done fairly extensive research on each school and I have...
  2. S

    Miami vs USF

    USF -Tuition: ~34k -Pros Cheaper tuition Cheaper cost of living New downtown campus Updated facilities Emphasis on STEP in courses/exams TGH, Moffitt are great hospitals I work in research at USF now and my PI is awesome and could maybe figure out a way to stay involved as much as a med...
  3. future_nostalgia

    Penn vs. Harvard vs. Columbia vs. UConn (OOS)

    Hello everyone! I was fortunate to receive acceptances to these four schools (and received a $20k/year scholarship to Penn). And I'm having a little trouble making my decision. I know most people say to go with the cheapest option (in this case it would be UConn), but I was just curious if there...
  4. I

    Second letter of intent? Help!

    So I got an interview to a school back in January and was waitlisted in February. I loved the school and sent a letter of intent because of all the schools I had interviewed at, it was definitely my first choice. BUT, then I received an II from my absolute favorite school that was a reach and I...
  5. J

    Pharmacy School In-State vs. Out of State? Differences?

    Hello everyone, I live in California and applied to a variety of in-state schools as well as out of state schools. Apart from costs and networking for a job, what are the differences between going to pharmacy school in california and out of state?
  6. amerlaw1

    What other schools should I add or remove from my list

    From my full lengths I was getting around 502 and 503 and I choose some lower tier MD schools. Just got my score back and made a 510 (127/126/129/128) and was wondering what other schools I should choose. Here are some of my ECs and academic record Class: Rising Senior in Chemistry cGPA: 4.0...
  7. S

    Bad Post-bac vs. bad Caribbean?

    I know that post-bac's vs. Caribbean schools is a rehashed topic here but most of these posts are talking about the Big 4 and the more well-know/respected post-bacs such as Goucher, Scripps, etc. I was wondering about if your only choices were the bad ones. I got accepted into St. James which...
  8. P

    Academics: WVSOM v VCOM

    How does the education at VCOM-Va compare to that at WVSOM? Aside from determining the right fit based on location and overall environment, I'm trying to see which school offers the best curriculum, rotations and resources. Any advice is appreciated!
  9. Student1222

    Need advice for my SMP Path

    Hi guys, I am just wondering about my path for SMP. Currently, I have two choices. #1. I can finish the SMP in two years by taking out loan and apply after the first year after finishing 18 credit hours. This would make me take out a loan and pile up even more loan before medical school...
  10. C

    IMG looking for answers

    I'm a Trinidadian IMG, and by IMG I mean straight out of medical school in the Caribbean. I'd like some advice on the relative prospects of eventually working in Canada provided that I became a permanent resident. I've read about the hoops and 5% acceptance rates etc for IMGS for hours...days...