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    Clinical Research Position Available in NYC for Premed Graduate/Gap Year Student

    RESEARCH INTERN POSITION The Research assistant is an entry level clinical research position for a highly motivated recent or soon to be college graduate/premed student at our two NYC offices in Staten Island and Manhattan. The research assistant will work closely with the Principal...
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    COVID-19 vaccine clinical research?

    Is it possible to get any publications out of a clinical research study as a research assistant? I’m very thrilled to be working on a phase III candidate vaccine study for COVID-19 during this gap year (deferred admission for EY 2021) and am really hoping to get some publications out of it. I’m...
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    Working at two different research labs at once?

    This may be a dumb question and a dumb decision, but how is this viewed? I feel that this may be a red flag? The different topics these labs investigate are equally interesting. Both are clinical research, if that matters. I am aware that both labs may have overlapping commitments, but if that...
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    How to find/what to look for in clinical research positions?

    I just started my first of several gap years, and am still looking for work. I've been advised by several doctors that the one thing that would really improve my app at this point is clinical research, since I have no research experience. However, I live in ND where there are zero opportunities...
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    Confused on Title for Clinical Research

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    Undergraduate Clinical Research Interview Questions

    Hi, I have no prior research experience. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Biology. I am so glad to have the opportunity to have an interview with with a hematologist, oncologist physician and researcher. I am really worried about the interview (I tend to get anxious and concerned). I...
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    How to get a clinical research coordinator/assistant job without experience?

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    Gap Year Job dilemma

    Hi, I am a 4th year college student applying to medical school in June, which means that I am taking a gap year. I have the opportunity to work either as a Medical Assistant at a private allergy clinic (I'll have lots of patient contact, but the pay is low and only 35hours/week) or as a Junior...
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    Is shadowing needed? (weird situation with clinical research)

    Hello everyone. So I am trying to figure out if shadowing and clinical volunteering is necessary for me. I have been involved first as a volunteer and then as staff for 2.5 years at my university hospital in clinical research. My job has taken me into neuro ORs, lots of ortho ORs, burns...
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    Regarding research assistant jobs

    Dear All, I am applying to graduate school this cycle, Clinical Psychology PhD. I have recently accepted a 20hr/week Clinical RA position in a Behavioral Medicine lab. This position is unlike other CRA positions in that I will be working with data that has already been collected, I will be...