1. W

    OUWB vs Wayne State

    Hello beautiful little people of the interwebs, I know this has been asked before, but I feel like it has been a few years so I was curious what people think about these two schools in comparison to one another as of now. OUWB is my first choice, wayne is not. OUWB is generous with...
  2. B

    JCESOM/Marshall vs WVSOM

    Both in West Virginia about 2-3 hours apart from each other. Marshall Pros -- MD -- Connected to a busy and well functioning hospital -- Undergrad Campus -- Cheaper school -- small class size (around 75) -- lots of research opportunities. (may or may not be interested in) Cons --...
  3. T

    PhD/PsyD Wisconsin School of Prof. Psych and Other Programs in Midwest

    Hey all, So I have an upcoming interview at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psych and was wondering if anyone has any experience with their Psy.D program. I'm attempting to compare the following programs and am feeling pretty lost on where I could see myself (I've either been...
  4. P

    Florida or Maryland

    Deciding between Florida and Maryland for dental school. I'm a Florida resident but very interested in going out of state. Has anyone else been tossing between these two schools? What tipped your decision from choosing one over the other? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  5. J

    Help for deciding the next four years: NSU-COM vs. KCUMB

    Hi All, Thanks for all the input. Have been in SDN for about 5 years and first time post. I have had the honor to be accepted by multiple medical school this year. This is my third time applying and I am very glad to finally move on to the next stage. I was able to narrow down my acceptances...
  6. W

    Tufts vs. BU

    BU: Pros School seems mission-driven, strong commitment to the underserved BMC is a safety net hospital, has level I trauma center More research funding Cons Hard to reach via public transportation Very expensive Tufts: Pros Student body very happy, good balance of school and other...
  7. Itsnotludwigs

    Columbia vs. Penn Dental -- Compare/Contrast

    Hi all, Wanted to get everyone's opinion on Penn Dental vs. Columbia Dental. I am under the impression of, or have been told, the following features of the two programs: 1) Given Columbia's medical school curriculum, Columbia will better prepare you for the OMFS boards exam and is...
  8. whatisit350

    DAT Qvualt RC compared to the real thing??

    Hey guys, so RC is easily my worst subject. I recently bought the DAT Qvault RC and do a passage with questions a day. I'm doing ok on there, but I wanted to see if anyone had an opinion on how similar or different that was from the real thing. Thanks
  9. C

    RowanSOM vs PCOM

    I have been accepted to both programs and need to decide which one to attend. I am a NJ resident so Rowan is cheaper but I have heard amazing things about PCOM that might be worth the extra 10k? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated!!
  10. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    How representative are DAT Bootcamp & Genius Scores

    For those who have taken the DAT in 2016... What were your average scores in BC and / or Genius like compared to the real one? How representative were the practice tests in terms of difficulty? I am aiming 23+ to compensate for my low GPA. I've seen varying answers to the threads like this, but...
  11. A

    Tufts vs NYU

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide Tufts vs NYU (accepted off the waitlist). Money is about equivalent, slightly more to Tufts. I've lived in Boston before but not in NYC, although I think either I'd be okay with. Are there other factors I should be thinking about in the decision? Any...
  12. P

    Barry VS Kent

    I've narrowed my schools down to CSPM, NYCPM, Scholl, Kent and Barry I specifically would like to know how Kent and Barry would compare to each other since they are not in big cities like SF, Chicago, or NYC. I know clinicals are relatively the same for both with 7 or 8 month externships but...
  13. T

    Boston University vs Alpert Medical School (Brown) vs Einstein

    Hello! I'm very lucky to have been accepted at these three great schools and I can't seem to make up my mind. Any advice would be much appreciated! I'm currently a senior at BU, grew up in NYC (originally from Brooklyn!), and have a number of scattered interests including biomedical research...