1. 4

    3rd year DO student wondering about his IM residency choices

    Hey everyone, I'm a OMS-3 planning to take only COMLEX exams. I was planning on taking USMLE, but could not because of personal reasons. My COMLEX lvl 1 score is 520. And I seem to be on a much better trajectory (Studying wise) for COMLEX - 2. No research, apart from a couple of poster...
  2. G

    Seeking advice for my gap years (acquiring additional research experience) -- please advise

    Hi everyone, I am writing today because I am seeking guidance regarding my gap years. I am in a special situation because after trying to decide between a regular MD and an MD/Ph.D., I finally decided to pursue an MD/Ph.D. However, I have only a year of undergrad research--since I transferred...
  3. 9

    UCSF Admissions Chances?

    Hello all! This is my first post outside of DAT Discussions! I recently took the DAT, and I got a 21 AA and a 22 PAT. My sGPA is roughly 3.9. I also have a lot of ECs (100+ hrs of shadowing, volunteering as a dental assistant at a local clinic, tutoring underprivileged kids, various clubs, I...
  4. B

    Failed a class

    Any advice or harsh/honest words are welcome. I am a first year medical student and I have had some academic trouble. So I found out that I failed a unit and I will be remediating over the summer. My dean made it sound like my ability to do anything relatively competitive is basically over...
  5. A

    Fellowship Opportunists for someone like me

    I want to be competitive for industry or academic fellowships. On top of what i'm listing below what can I do to increase my chances. (im a P2 btw) 3.35 GPA (low but i'm increasing it one test at a time) Research elective with a planned poster next year to present Research with Professor...
  6. D

    GRE advice

  7. TherealnorthOMFS

    Should I retake the DAT and when?

    I have written the canadian DAT- TS20, AA 19, PAT 22 and I plan on retaking the DAT but the american one. I am currently extremely busy with summer school up until June 26 and don't think i'll be fully ready for a mid-late july DAT. So i'm thinking of pushing it to early augst, around august 10...
  8. D

    Should I save some med school reqs for after I transfer? (regional state school to top 40)

    Hello all, I am a rising sophomore attending a low-tier regional state school. I am no longer happy with my current school academically and will be applying for a junior transfer spot at a few schools in the USNWR's top 20-40. With that in mind, how should I fill up these next two semesters...
  9. DrRickJames

    Being Competitive for an OMFS Residency

    Hello all, I'm curious if the minds of SDN could inform me of the best recipe for an incoming dental student to follow in order to be competitive when applying for the OMFS speciality or other specialties in general. The general consensus seems to be that you need good grades and be near the...
  10. kesher

    Is there a point in paying for a top medical school if I want to go into pediatrics?

    I've seen many times on this site that Pediatrics is one of the least competitive residencies. This surprised me because as of now it's my top choice. Not surprisingly, highly ranked, typically private schools are very expensive... which equates to a lot in loans! My state school is much more...
  11. MedicalMermaid

    Any tips for increasing competitiveness?

    Hello everyone! We are getting closer to the 2017-2018 application cycle and I was wondering if anyone had quick tips to increase competitiveness? So far the main school I am looking at is Drexel which is out-of state for me. I have not created a full list of other schools yet since I have...
  12. E

    What are my Chances for Texas Medschools?

    Hello, The pre-health advisers at my school are terrible. I was hoping for some advice (and maybe some encouragement) from people here. I am currently a senior in a Texas university. I will be taking an extra semester. My cGPA is 3.49 currently with sGPA at around 3.3, with a strong upward...
  13. oklahomasooner

    IUSO Admissions Day

    Does anyone who applies to Indiana University Optometry School get invited to an Admissions Day interview? Or do they first narrow it down then invite people to an interview? I'm just trying to figure out if I should feel special because I got invited to the IUSO Admissions Day, or does...