1. 5

    Contract negotiations: everything but salary

    working through some negotiations on contracts. What are some things that should be negotiated into contracts other than salary? Understand insurance, time off, cme etc. but what are some other non common ancillary things you’ve found beneficial to contracts? Any other general tips on negotiation?
  2. S

    OMFS Malpractice Insurance in CA

    Current chief resident looking for associate positions in California (trained in another state). In my limited experience, surgeons hiring associates in my state provide malpractice insurance in perpetuity, no questions asked, and for a surgeon not to cover it would be unusual. Is this also the...
  3. D

    What to ask for in a nocturnist contract?

    I'm a relatively new residency grad (IM) and have been a full time nocturnist at a community hospital in a small city for the last year. I'm trying to make adjustments for my contract renewal but don't know many full-time nocturnists so am not sure what to ask for or if I am asking too much...
  4. R

    how much is this job worth?

    We are currently in the process of negotiating a salary increase with our hospital Job: hospital employed W2 semi-rural midwest 100% supervision 3:1/4:1 Wide case mix including peds, hearts (separate team), complex OB, many blocks 14-16 weeks vacation 18000 ASA units/year/FTE (we are very busy...
  5. G

    Travelling pharmacist - Is it worth?

    I recently moved from one saturated location to another (currently the Bay Area of CA) and am struggling to get anything other than contract work. I understand the area is oversaturated (at least by mouth that is what is said), but when I look online it seems every pharmacist position is posted...
  6. A

    Negotiating call schedule in contract

    I am about to sign my first job after fellowship and had a question about call frequency in the contract. I liked a job and I am in talks with the employer and am negotiating terms. They have 3 other physicians in the practice and I will be joining as the fourth. The employer says the contract...
  7. G

    New grad contract recommendations needed

    I received this offer as part of LOI for rural FM in the southeast. Please advise on how best to negotiate. I am a new grad who would be starting the J1 visa waiver. I would not be eligible for the loan assistance due to foreign loan complications. - starting base salary of $200,000 to be...
  8. N

    Georgetown Business of Medicine Course

    Hello SDN! I am a recent graduate of the hematology/oncology fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and I wanted to spread the word about a course we have developed called the Georgetown Business of Medicine Course. It is a virtual course consisting of 12 modules on different topics like...
  9. bentley13

    Lab Fees and Income Structure as Associate

    Hi SDN! I’ve been offered a couple associate contracts and both have indicated that I would be responsible for 100% of lab fees. Is this standard? It seems odd to me that this expense would fall on the associate. Obviously a lot of whether this is fair to the associate or not depends on how...
  10. U

    Contracting with Hospitals for Neurology coverage

    I work as a neurohospitalist and I have been for the last 5 years in California. I had been working with a group who had the contract with the hospital for 24/7 Neurology coverage including Stroke call and I had a separate subcontract with the group. Unfortunately, we lost the contract this...
  11. R

    Restarting residency as PGY-1

    Hello all, I am an IM resident and I was informed by my PD that I have to restart residency as an intern and complete 3 years because of a gap in training. I had 2 medical leaves one at the end of my intern year from mid June to beginning of August. I returned in August. The I had my second...
  12. thejangler2013

    $$$...Help me, Rural ED Hourly Rate, what is appropriate? (ed boarded)

    Hello Everyone I am a 3rd EM resident in good standing who is applying to Rural Emergency Departments in the upper midwest. Time for a real job!. I am focusing on rural emergency departments on the lower side of volume range. Ex 9k-14k patients per year with mostly 12 and 24 hours shifts...
  13. C

    Contract for new job at the VA?

    I am thinking about taking a job at the VA, does anyone know if things are even negotiable with employment at the VA? I have not yet seen the contract, but I am wondering if it worth getting a contract lawyer. What things are negotiable with them?
  14. P

    Contract opinions?

    I have been with a PP group 2yrs and it is time to renegotiate in the next few months. The group is set up as a clinic LLC and an ambulatory surgicenter LLC where we do all our procedures (no other docs doing cases there). I will probably do around 1800-2000 procedures for the year doing 2 days...
  15. CSGO_Coke_Zero

    Is there a formal process to accept offers during scramble?

    Hi I'm posting for my friend. She scrambled for an AOA residency position. A program she interviewed with sent her an email "Confirm address. Sending contract." Nothing more, nothing less. She replied to the email but there was no response. Is the offer posted somewhere that she must login to...
  16. J

    NHSC Contract Hell - Please help!!

    I am a new dental grad as of May. In January of 2017 I applied for an NHSC student to service scholarship as one of many options for employment. With this scholarship, you get $120,000 of loan forgiveness in exchange for 3 years of service in an under-served area as determined by the NHSC. I...
  17. M

    ER Physician Needed in AZ for Underserved Population (IHS)

    Caduceus Healthcare has an exciting opportunity for an Emergency Room Physician at the Whiteriver Indian Hospital located in Whiteriver, Arizona, that offers a rewarding and unique healthcare opportunity to serve the Fort Apache Indian Reservation community. Education and Experience: • MD/DO...
  18. O

    Contract non-renewal :{

    Hi, I had been matched in my program in June 2015. On day 1 I had a panic attack and went to ED. I put my effort got back but I wasn't diagnosed yet. I worked in ED for a month. Tried my best but couldn't pass it. I started IM but couldn't make it far and had to take LOA. Again started yet had...
  19. B

    Attention: Business Opportunity/ Partnership for Anesthesia Contract in NY

    Presenting unique opportunity for a possible partnership in Central NY at a state of the art surgery center. Currently 2 CRNAs have an exclusive long term contract and looking to partner with an Anesthesiologist. In the beginning phases of rolling out anesthesia so a great time to build...
  20. B

    Attention: Business Opportunity/ Partnership for Anesthesia Contract in NY

    Presenting unique opportunity for a possible partnership in Central NY at a state of the art surgery center. Currently 2 CRNAs have an exclusive long term contract and looking to partner with an Anesthesiologist. In the beginning phases of rolling out anesthesia so a great time to build...
  21. P

    Base Pay vs. Take Home in Residency

    Could a couple interns/junior residents tell me how me how much they lose from their base pay through taxes etc.? If you feel comfortable, granted this is obviously anonymous, please state your gross and then the monthly take home amount. I am trying to get a feel for what I will be working with...
  22. W

    Signing a new job contract

    A few questions... I was offered a job that has a one year contract. Has anyone had a lawyer look over it for them or did they just sign it? Also, anyone have an idea on what the average discount is for services for an associate veterinarian? My contract says 20% off. I can't imagine having to...
  23. CompHealth

    Negotiating Your Job Offers

    One of the most common mistakes young physicians make when taking a job is accepting whatever is offered. Once you’re out of school and reviewing a job offer and contract, keep in mind that all terms—not just compensation—can be negotiated. Read more at What terms do you...
  24. Doctor J

    Contract question and taxes

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had any previous experience with this issue. A broken contract that has 'Golden Handcuffs' in it - I.e. Signing bonus or other bonus money that immediately becomes repayable in case of broken contract. Say Doctor Indebted signed a contract in 2010 for 10...
  25. futureapppsy2

    Contract for edited book?

    I'm a co-editor of a potential book. We submitted a prospectus and just got a draft contract from one of the "big four" academic publishers. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to look for or watch out for in the contract? Thanks!