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    Common Names used in Ochem section?

    ** Sorry if this has already been posted. Only found one post on it and it was not helpful ** Simple Question: Will common names be used / be expected on the Ochem section of the DAT? Im fine with IUPAC but hate common names with a passion. Like, will at any point they give us a common name and...
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    DAT: feeling lost and need advice 22AA

    So I just took the DAT today. I scored a 22AA and am really upset with it. My TS was a 22 as well. I studied a lot, and efficiently mind you, and my scores indicated I was ready for a minimum 22 and honestly expected at least a 23. Not because I was shooting for the stars, but because I thought...
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    Hello all, I have just begun prepping for the dat. I have just finished with week one and have realized I am struggling with gen chem. All i have been doing is dat bootcamp. Idk if its Mike's videos or if ive just forgotten alot of the material. I need more practice and the quiz problems and...
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    Hey guys! So I've decided to take my DAT in January before spring classes begin. I will be taking kaplan from October 1st - Decemebr 6th. I also plan on self-studying all of winter break with DAT Destroyer and Chad's Videos.. (by the way, does anybody recommend DAT bootcamp for self-studying as...
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    DAT Help, my scores are not doing well.

  6. ArdentMed

    Professional MCAT and DAT Tutoring - 2 Spots Left - 5+ Years

    How I can help you succeed: I am a Canadian med school student with multiple acceptances to medical and dental schools including the University of British Columbia and Manitoba. I have also interviewed at American schools including New York Medical College and St. Louis. I know what it is...
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    ADA 2000 practice test #99 Ochem

    99.) Treatment of benzoic acid with thionyl chloride followed by addition of ethanol gives which as the major product? Im confused on the answer. The answer is the formation of an ester attached to the Benzene, specifically an ethyl benzoate. I thought however that carbonyls were meta...
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    ADA 2009 Sample Test Number 41

    41.) A 49-gram sample of sulfuric acid, H2SO4 (98 gmol -1) contains A. 1 mol of S atoms. B. 16.0 grams of O. C. 2.0 grams of H. D. 2 moles of O atoms. E. 1 mole of molecules. The answer is D but im not really sure how to approach this problem. Thank you guys for your help!
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    Hey guys, I was wondering when do you know that you are fully ready to take the DAT say your target score is a 20AA should you be averaging this score on boot camp to know your ready for the actual thing. Please I feel its killing me on the inside not knowing if I am ready or not.
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    Dat Bootcamp Subject Test

    I was wondering what is the best way to utilize the subject test for dat bootcamp.
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    Hey guys, I wanted to know where to start with arguably one of the hardest section on the Dat the Pat section. My questions are where do I start to build a good foundation and what materials/methods I can use and learn to consistently score 20+. I am a novice at this section so if anybody could...