dat retake

  1. jheneaikofanaccount

    Retaking DAT in Late August and Submitting App Early

    So I'm kind of in a big predicament right now. I just got accepted to VCU's Summer Academic Enrichment Program (SAEP) last week and it's from May 22 to June 29th. It's basically a 6 week program where I take 3 dental school level classes (anatomy, pharmacology, and physiology) in VCU. I already...
  2. M

    Should I restake DAT??

    Hey, so I just took my DAT for the first time and didn't do as well as I wanted.. I was pretty nervous and standardized tests always give me a tough time. My scores where: AA:18 TS:17 OC:18 GC:16 BIO:18 PAT:23 RC:18 QR:19 I used Bootcamp and destroyers for most of my studying and I was getting...
  3. T

    Wait listed... Retake the DAT?

    Hi all! So I was fortunate enough to receive a few interview invites, but so far I've been wait listed.. I went to a fairly competitive undergrad and also had a family crisis at the end of freshman year to the beginning sophomore year that really messed with my gpa.. (I explained that in my...
  4. D

    Should i retake the DAT?

    Hi guys! I definitely need some feedbacks here on my scores. I took my DAT the 2nd time last August and my scores were, PA: 20 QR: 19 RC: 16 ( i know i know D: ) Bio: 19 GC: 19 OC: 20 TS: 19 AA: 18 My science GPA was a 3.3/ 3.4 and overall GPA was a 3.5. I had plenty of dental volunteering...
  5. E

    DAT breakdown / retake?

  6. I

    Retaking DAT, PAT help!

    Hi everyone, I took the DAT last month and received a 20TS, 19AA but a 16 in PAT, so I finally decided to retake it since I sent out my application this cycle prior to taking the exam. I used bootcamp generators to study for the DAT, the sections I struggled the most with were keyholes, TFE and...
  7. J

    Retaking DAT effect on AADSAS?

    Hi! So I'm retaking my DAT on July 12th and I'm submitting my apps next week! I've indicated I'm retaking the test on my application, but does this mean that when I send my apps in before my July scores come in, schools will look at my previous DAT score and judge me based off of that?
  8. prettypinguina

    Retake DAT?

    Hey all, So I took the DAT on Friday (the 13th) :nurse:. My scores are as follows: PAT:19, RR:15, RC:23, BIO: 18, GC: 16, OC:17, TS:17, AA:18. oGPA: 3.69, sGPA: 3.1 I have ~125 shadowing hours (3 docs), 300+ community service hours, and EC's. I'm torn between retaking the DAT in August, or...