dental assistant

  1. D

    Choosing between dental assisting and dental hygiene

    Hi. In two to three years time I'll be receiving my US PR through family reunion. By the time I do that, I will have already obtained my dental degree in my home country. In order to continue my work in the dental field in the US, I'll obviously have to get my dental license approved by the...
  2. sambarcenaa

    Advice for a senior in hs

    I'm graduating this summer, Long story short I'm going to do a program for dental assisting which is 10 months long, and then start my studies for dentistry. My question is if it's worth it to work as a dental assistant during dental school(Saturday and/or Sunday). I live in California and in my...
  3. C

    Trying to Get Pre-Reqs Done; Military Dental Assistant

    Hello! I am currently working as a dental assistant for the US Air Force overseas. I am trying to get as many prerequisite classes completed as possible with my time over here. (I have about 2.5 years let over seas, and another 4 + in the military.) I already have some college courses under my...
  4. K

    RHS Exam

    Hey, I plan on taking the RHS exam in the state of PA and was wondering about how long it took people to study for the exam? And any suggested books I could use to study with?
  5. R

    What are my chances? Recommendations?

    I'm sort of at a crossroads here and I'm not sure what my next move should be in terms of preparing for my dental school application. Any advice/tips is greatly appreciated... Undergraduate GPA: ~3.1 (I had one semester where I really f*cked up, for various reasons. I had 3 F's and a W this...
  6. P

    Improving application for next cycle

    Hey guys i'm a foreign trained dentist who graduated in 2017. I came to the US right after and applied to the 2018 cycle in which I got 2 interviews but no acceptance. I started off volunteering at a dental office for a month and then started working as a DA and have been working as one ever...
  7. T

    Dental assistant or research?

    Hi all, I will be applying next cycle, and I have a year to improve my resume. I am currently on the verge of choosing to do part time (30hrs) dental assistant (Just recently started two weeks ago) or full time (40hrs) research intern at USAMRICD (I got accepted). These are my stats, I have...
  8. F

    HCE for PA School

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know if Dental Assisting counts towards the Health Care Experience for PA schools?
  9. D

    Smile Direct Club Dental Assistant

    Hey guys, so I'm currently looking for jobs in dentistry to build my resume as I'm applying to schools. I was recently invited to interview at Smile Direct Club as a dental assistant. If you don't know what it is, It's basically an Invisalign company that bypasses visiting a...
  10. T

    1st vs. 2nd dental assistant in small office

  11. S

    Dental Assisting Position Available - Chicago

    Currently seeking a highly motivated, personable and professional individuals to work as a Dental Assistant in our office. An ideal candidate has strong communication skills, is organized, and willing to learn and grow in the field. Wonderful opportunity for anyone taking a gap year (or two)...
  12. tlnjd117

    Dental Assistant Job (No Experience!) - LA Area

    Hi everyone! I am currently working at a dental office in Encino, CA (perfect location for someone in LA and the surrounding areas). I have been accepted to dental school and will be starting in a few weeks - therefore I am looking to replace my position as a dental assistant at my current...
  13. C

    Dental Assistant before entering Dental School

    Hi, I'm currently doing my pre-dental post-bacc and I work full time as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a prestigious hospital. I was looking to do a part time internship or volunteer work at a dental office to get more experience under my belt before applying to dental schools. I still have...
  14. T

    Jobs for unlicensed BDS

    Hey FTDs I am looking for jobs that would accept BDS as qualification (have PR so no visa issues here). Right now, i guess dental assisting is the job ,that most foreign dentists pursue. Is it easy to find job with BDS in general ? Are US dentists willing to offer Dental assistant job for...
  15. D

    Advice for how to spend the summer?

    Hello! Thanks for reading. I need some advice. I have received acceptance to dental school and will be starting in the fall. My question is it important to do something meaningful this summer? By that I mean either interning or working versus traveling, relaxing, maybe working a part-time job...
  16. bernas

    Norht Carolina, Dental Assistant Job

    Hi, What are the requirements to work as a dental assistant (for someone who is a foreign dentist) in North Carolina? Is it relatively harder than in NJ?
  17. bernas

    RHS Exam, Study Material?

    Hi everyone, First of all I'd like to say that this forum is really helpful for ftd's... Thanks everyone for sharing experiences and information. I want to get X Ray License and I will take my RHS exam. I need study materials for RHS exam. Does anyone have? Could I find from a library? Or...
  18. bernas

    Job Opportunities for ftd?

    Hi everyone, While studying for NBDE Part I, if a Foreign Trained Dentist wants to earn money what are the job opportunities? According to my search Dental assisting is the best one. What do you think?
  19. D

    Taking a year off to become stronger applicant or Apply this cycle?Graduating Senior!

    Hey guys, Im a graduating senior this upcoming June and have been pre-dental for the last couple of years. I am a Biopsychology major so I have taken all the prerequisites for dental school; Bio, Gen Chem, Ochem, Physics, Physiology, and a quarter of Genetics. I currently have around a 3.2...
  20. uhds

    Degree & Major Application Confusion-HELP!!

    *No, I'm not applying this cycle. This is just for future reference, hopefully people who have know more about this can help me out. Hey guys, I am in need of your help! I'm wondering what you guys think as far as how I should categorize this major & degrees dilemma that I have. :bang: My...
  21. Green63

    Dental Assisting theft record??

    Hello I am new here I apologize if I have posted on the wrong thread. I would like to go into dental assisting school my only problem is I have 3 misdeamonor with theft record from 6 years ago. Has anyone ever been disqualified for this? I would like to go to college this following year, I also...
  22. Dr. Moon

    How much do you get pay as a CDA when you are a foreign Dentist?

    I want to know how much do you get pay if you are a foreign Dentist with only having your CDA, do you can get pay more then a normal DA?