dental school interview

  1. I

    Worrying for no reason - late-ish submission, chances of getting pre-dec interviews?

    I had no idea I was able to submit my application before finishing the supp questions so I waited until I had all of that done before submitting my application (Sept 2.). Not even a week and a half later I got an interview invite from Touro (yay!) but it is in January. Is there anything I can do...
  2. beso1221

    good DAT and GPA, Applied to 13 schools.

    Hi, what are my chances of getting more interviews? my application was complete on 9/15 DAT: 19 AA/ 21 TS/ 20 PAT GPA: 3.5 cGPA/ 3.55 sGPA International student, Residency: Florida Interviews: NOVA Schools applied to: NOVA Midwestern- ILL Midwestern- Arizona Tufts NYU Case western Las vegas...
  3. I

    Dental Schools with group interviews?

    Does anyone know which dental schools do group interviews over one on one or MMI?
  4. Typical Average Student

    *~*~*TMDSAS 2020*~*~*

    Tempus fugit; TMDSAS opens today. Feel free to ask any questions. School & Acceptance/Rejection/Interview: Notification date: Method of notification: Email Residency: TMDSAS mail-out date: GPA (science, overall): DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): Dates available OR your interview...
  5. MentalDental13

    How soon do admissions committees review after interview?

    Does anyone have an idea how soon after interviewing a candidate do admissions committees make their decision (pre-December interviews)? I interviewed at a school on Monday and sent my thank you email on Wednesday. I know it doesn't make a difference obviously, but was kind of wondering if...
  6. Boise State Bronco

    Managing school interviews during the semester

    What days of the week are normally dental school interviews? I'm trying to figure out my schedule and still have hard classes this fall to take and want to make my schedule so that I miss the least school possible.
  7. S

    Interview Tips For VCU BS/DDS Program?

    I am a high school senior. I recently got an interview for the VCU Guaranteed Dental program. Are the interviews for these programs different than the interviews for dental school? Do you guys have any tips specific to the BS/DDS interview?
  8. D

    Dental School Interview Tips (from a recent grad who helped with admissions!)

    Hi guys! I'm a long-time SDN lurker and a lot of the stuff I've read on here has helped me (some of it's terrified me too, not gonna lie haha) so since I graduated from DS this past May, I figured I could help out with one aspect of DS admissions that I always wanted more information about when...