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    Position Swap diagnositic radiology PGY 2 (R1) swap/ looking for vacancy

    Hello, I am a PGY1 going into radiology residency next year. Trying to see if there are any known vacancies or swaps that anyone knows about. I emailed program director for one program and she said she has never heard of it happening. How do you legally switch to a different residency? Aren't...
  2. N

    Apply DR as backup to ophtho?

    Current M4, just applied ophtho. Low-tier MD without home ophtho program, ~260 Step1, 8 publications (6 ophtho; 3 in progress). Based on these stats, I estimate around an ~80% match chance for ophtho. Wondering if I should dual-apply DR. I like DR, but have done nothing in it besides shadow...
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    Rads applicant - Worried I will miss the OR / surgery

    TLDR: I'm applying to radiology this upcoming cycle but I'm worried that I will miss the OR and patients. This past week I had a ton of fun with robotic/laparoscopic surgeries, and an attending who knows me well told me my personality and surgery preferences point towards ENT or Urology. He...
  4. S

    Thoughts on DR/NM combined residency?

    Hi all, hope you're doing well. I'm an MS4 currently applying into rads and was wondering what people's thoughts were on the (relatively) new combined 16 month DR/NM pathways available at some institutions? Is it worth it? Does it make you marketable? Can you practice DR and NM? I think it...
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    Position Swap Radiology - Integrated DR/IR PGY3 swap

    Integrated IR/DR current PGY3 (R2) resident in Houston, TX. Interested in swapping for integrated, ESIR, or DR position in Chicago, IL. DM me if interested.
  6. M

    Matching into Diagnostic Radiology with low Step1

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate any insight/advice regarding my chances of matching into DR. Undergrad: Engineering Med School: Low tier MD Step1 score: 208 Step2 score: still have to take Preclinical grades: all pass (P/F system) Clerkship grades so far: 1 HP, 3 P (H/HP/P/F system) - failed...
  7. A

    236 Step 1, 245 Step 2 a bunch of P,High Passes, and 1 Honor in Surgery and No research?

    As you can see I am just about as average as a med student can get. Is there a good chance for matching into Radiology? I just got really nervous looking at the 2018 Charting outcomes and wondering If I should even bother. Really the only selling point I have is an H in Surgery but other than...
  8. D

    Would these credentials be enough to match Diagnostic Radiology?

  9. E

    Jobs that Count for Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Radiology

    Hey peeps, I am a newly graduating 4th year medical student with a lot of debt and in the process making decisions about loan repayment. I know there is the public service loan forgiveness program that applies to employees of nonprofit hospitals (503b I think). What kind of jobs and How many...
  10. X

    Is the competitiveness of Diagnostic Radiology picking up again?

    I have been reading SDN and asking questions about matching into Radiology. The general answer I get about match chances is " A passing Step score and a pulse" are all that is needed to match Radiology. Yet the Step 1 average is 240. On Charting outcomes I also see that a score greater than 220...
  11. GrandBuckeyeOH91

    MD & DO Diagnostic Radiology Applicants!

    Just wanted to say what's up to those applying DR this cycle! Since ERAS app has already went out, just wanted to see what kind of programs everyone is applying to and their plan of attack for interviews! Cheers!
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    Interview Swaps 2016-2017

    No thread seems to exist for swapping this season, so I'll start it off. I have a DR interview at NYU scheduled January 12. I would prefer to bundle East coast interviews in December and West coast in January to save on travel expenses. If anyone has a December DR interview at NYU who would...
  13. Froot4Lyfe

    Diagnostic Radiology Help

    Hi. So I'm posting this thread because I am entering the 9th grade in September. I've dreamed of becoming a diagnostic radiologist. I've fallen in love with this field because I love the idea of learning new things as I progress through life by continuing reading because I know that radiologists...
  14. S

    Any chance of matching radiology?

    So I'm a 4th year DO student looking to apply for DR residency but I'm not too sure of my chances of matching and if I should risk it. I've talked to a few new residents at different programs and they said if I apply broadly I should have a good chance, but I'd like to know what you guys think...
  15. M

    USMLE Step II necessary?

    I have a step 1 222 and comlex I 541 and I'm interested in matching to ACGME diagnostic radiology. Is it necessary that I take the Step II CK or will the Level II CE suffice?