do vs md

  1. lialalala

    Become a DO surgeon

    I am interested in cardiothoracic / pediatric surgeons, which would start with general surgery residencies. I saw many threads saying DO have to work "harder" to be in ortho or dermatology. But I haven't seen comments about my fields of interest. I know nothing is impossible, but how hard is it...
  2. E

    DO Stigma in residency/fellowship

    1st year DO student. I was well aware that DO students are at a disadvantage but I did not realize how profound the stigma against DO was in competitive IM residencies and fellowship. I've seen post where DO students scored 240-260 USMLE Step1, but still had trouble matching into MD...
  3. M


  4. P

    NorCal DO vs MD (Touro vs. Northstate)

    Hey everyone! I am from Northern California and would love to stay in the area. I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed all over the US for several DO schools and loved what these schools had to offer. That being said, I have been accepted to two schools in NorCal - Touro and...
  5. amerepedestrian

    How much does DO vs MD matter for psychiatry residencies?

    Context: I've been accepted into several DO schools but am on hold at several MDs, wondering how to process my likely fate of becoming a DO. I think a part of me is just looking for validation of the choice to go the DO route in case I don't get into any MD programs, but I want to be completely...
  6. S

    UNE vs Quinnipiac (Netter)

    Hi all - I never thought I would post here, but I need to throw this out into the ethos and see what comes back. I am supposed to go to UNE this year (next week!) but yesterday Quinnipiac called me and offered me an accept-defer. Basically I would accept this year, but defer until this year...
  7. F

    Accepted to expensive MD school vs much cheaper DO school

    Hey everyone, I have received an acceptance to an out-of-state school (East Tennessee State) and also to an in-state osteopathic medical school (Campbell). I felt like I could thrive in either schools, but the biggest problem is that ETSU has an out of state tuition around 60k, whereas...
  8. A

    Transferring DO to MD?

    Hi all, Now I realize that DO and MD are practically the same thing, and I am currently in a DO program where I fully believe I am gaining the knowledge I need to be a doctor....however, I'm not sure if I can get over not having the title of MD, and always having to explain exactly what a DO...
  9. cherrylemon9915

    To those who think they cannot get into a competitive specialty with a DO

    Okay, so this is more of a question. If you go into a DO school and (God forbid) you don't get into the specialty you want, couldn't you just switch specialties after practicing a few years or during/after your residency?? Yes, I know that residents don't get paid much (around 50,000 which is...