1. F

    Transplant evaluations by psych residents in Clinic?

    Question, genuinely have no idea. Is it a appropriate for a resident in an outpatient setting to perform transplant evaluations and clear patients for transplants? To be clear, this is the full SIPAT stuff I am talking about, not just capacity. We do not have a transplant unit at our hospital...
  2. D

    ECE Evaluation - US Equivalent DDS

    Hello, I just received my ECE course-by-course evaluation today. A majority of other doctors who have graduated from the same country (Philippines) and completed ECE had a "U.S. Equivalent Summary: Bachelor's in dental medicine" or even "completed 4/5 years at a dental college". My question is...
  3. Captain Underplants

    How to view a non-waived evaluation in PASS?

    I think the title says it all, I ended up not waiving one of my evaluations in PASS, and now that it's submitted I can't see where to read/view the evaluation, anyone know where to find it? Thanks
  4. T

    Please Evaluate Me!

    Hello Forum. I am a psychology major at Auburn University. I came into AU as a biomedical science major because I was naive and thought you had to major in science to go to medical school. My spring semester of freshman year, I took intro to Psych and absolutely fell in love. The December before...
  5. X

    Social Anxiety and awkwardness making MS3 a nightmare?

    I am half way through my surgery rotation and I am struggling like hell. I am the student who is usually quiet, and fumbles with instruments. My nervousness for the next day makes it impossible for me to study or sleep at a decent time and I end up looking even dumber. I constantly drink alcohol...
  6. FaithfullyAriana

    General Admissions & OTCAS Evaluator Needs to Edit Submitted Evaluation

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here, as I have always been a lurker and have gotten some great information, and now I need advice for myself.... Long story short, I had no idea that the OTCAS application was a "one-size fits all" for all programs you're applying to. In hindsight, I know...
  7. M

    Surgery Program Evaluation Criteria?

    Hi, I'm starting to get a few general surgery interviews now, and I am wanting to make an objective evaluation sheet to fill out on each program. Did any of you who applied to general surgery do this? and if so, what were your evaluation criteria? Thanks for any input!
  8. S

    VMCAS c/o 2022

    Any questions/concerns/ranting about VMCAS **for the class of 2022. I obviously need to work on rereading what I wrote before I hit enter.
  9. M

    Evaluations vs Reference Letter

    Just a question regarding evaluations on optomcas, are these the reference letters or are they a separate component. If it is a separate component, do we need to get different people to write the reference letters than those who did the evaluation component? Also, does anyone know what the...
  10. T


    Can I create a new evaluation request once I submit my AADSAS application? Or are the LORs I have created requests for it once I submit it.
  11. F

    Dental Application 2017-2018 Adder Letters of Rec Question *AFTER* submitting

    Hi SDN Community! I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to my question: Are you able to submit your letters of recommendation after you submit the dental application? Like, is there a place in the application where you can update and add new letters? I am doing my letters through...
  12. A

    Outpatient PT's: How Many Evaluations and How Many Recertification Visits do you see per hour?

    How many patients is appropriate for new evaluation / re-evaluation per hour at maximum in an outpatient setting? How many Recertification visits or Therapist visits are appropriate per hour at maximum? I have a boss with unrealistic expectations but he tells me he knows 4 PTs who are fine...
  13. C

    IHME Post-Bachelor Fellowship 2017-2018

    Did anyone apply to Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation's Post-Bachelor Fellowship this year? Has anyone heard anything back yet?
  14. A

    US Med School with Foreign Undergrad Degree

    Hi there, everyone! I've been spending a lot of time lurking on the forum and looking for advice. Here's my situation: I'll be graduating from a university in the Philippines with a degree in Health Sciences this upcoming May. I'll be migrating to the US soon after. I'm a permanent resident and...
  15. H

    Submit Evaluations to Specific Schools through AACOMAS?

    I submitted all my secondaries. Recently though I received an email saying me I don't have the requisite letters of recommendation (2 science professors) for a few schools. I had to contact old professors that I haven't talked to in over a year and finally one agreed to write a letter. This...
  16. H

    Change LOR after it was sent in

    Hello all, I designated 4 evaluators to write me a letter. One has sent his in already and it is seen as received on 7/11/16 and "completed" processing on the AADSAS website. After reading what he wrote, I decided I would like to choose a different evaluator. However, I do not see the red...