1. H

    Master Thread: policies for "failing out" of MD programs, by school

    The intial reaction was that this thread wasn't going to be useful so it is now locked
  2. D

    How to let out stress during dental school!?!?!

    During my second year of dental school I took off my mind from dental school for a few minutes a day by finishing my basement. I am in third year now and I take clinic pretty darn seriously. My schedule is very busy now and I don't have time to do anything else. I barely have time to study for...
  3. ChicPharmDee

    Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE).

    Hey, everyone! So I start my first year of Pharmacy school next semester, but I am not certified at as a Pharm Tech. Honestly, it's super hard getting pharmacy jobs without the license, and I have yet to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination. I wanted to know how easy (or...
  4. SciClin

    My "core science" classes won't be graded? How will schools view this?

    This is quite a specific scenario, so I apologize if the (# of people helped) : (effort put in to answer question) ratio is rather small. My school allows students to take placement exams for nearly all "core science" classes. In short, I will not have the following classes on my transcript...
  5. K

    Exam Timetables

    There are a couple of changes going around my University - which includes changing exam timetables to better suit their own timetable and make it one large comprehensive exam at the end of the semester. They are using the excuse that "it's like this everywhere else" but I don't think it is...
  6. MaxilloMandibuleros

    MD What can I do to stop cheating in Med school ?

    Yes, in my Med school 80% of students cheat on exams, this is caused by 2 things: 1. The cameras aren't turned on most times ( when they are, no one watches them anyway ) 2. The professors who are supervising us during exams close their eyes whenever they see people cheating, so obviously most...
  7. Kareem1112

    Exams in medical schools.

    I am an Egyptian medical student and I have been wondering about examinations in U.S. medical schools.. do you have no exams other than USMLE? If you have other exams, what are they for? I’d appreciate a glimpse into the whole system.
  8. phoenix004

    Selling AAMC Online Bundle

    I have the complete AAMC online bundle for sale, I bought it awhile ago and didn't use it and now I don't need it. It expires on 6/19/2018. Selling for $180 (costs $204). Willing to negotiate :)
  9. W

    PhD/PsyD Comprehensive Exams

    Does your program have comprehensive exams and what are they like? I've recently spoken with students at other schools who seem to have exams that are structured much better than in my PhD program. Ours are at the end of Year 4. They are two days of 8 hours a day. We get 2 mandatory questions...
  10. FireInTheSky

    ACT and SAT

    What are some key differences and similarities between the SAT and the ACT? Are they worded/structured much differently, and is either easier than the other? Also, what are good score ranges needed to get into a top 100, top 50, and top 20 national university? I haven't taken either yet, though...
  11. pikaboo


    Hey guys I know there are Exams pre-programs such as CBSE before OMFS and GRE before Ortho, is there an exam to do for endodontics programs? what are their general requirements? Thanks.
  12. R

    Student Organization / Association How to Prepare for an Exam?

    Hello Friends, In this post, I am giving you advice on "how to prepare for an exam?" Step 1 :> Preparing to Study (a) Start studying early. Give yourself more than enough time to review the material that was covered in class. You might want to gauge how soon to start studying by how much...
  13. hsk013

    Failing Multiple Exams, Will Probably Fail a Course(s?). What do I do?

    A first-year med student here... So I have been getting Fs on almost every other exams... I am barely passing my classes, and I am afraid that I might fail even more as the first year ends (and next year too). One of my classes has 8 exams. So far we had 5 exams, and I failed 3 of them already...
  14. The_Sunny_Doc

    Checking in cell phones before exams to prevent cheating?

    Myself and a few other classmates are suspicious that people in our class are using their cell phones to cheat during bathrooms breaks during our exams. There were also rumors that the class below paid for cell phone pictures of all the exam answers from review sessions from the previous year...
  15. D

    Board Exam Writers Needed

    Looking for practice board exam writers for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine or Pediatrics medical board exams. Ongoing writers needed, work from home and at your own pace. Looking for blocks of questions, 30, 60 or 90 questions. Must have experience taking and passing USMLE exams Please...
  16. Clarus

    Adderall Survey

    How many of you have used or taken Adderall? I'm curious to what number of students in colleges have taken it for explicit reasons such as trying to stay up all night to pass an anatomy exam or taking it for actually medically directed reasons by a doctor. It seems like this problem has been...
  17. tequilamockingbird98

    NAVLE Grading Scale on Midterm Year One Veterinary Exam?

    Today, a day before my class's midterm, one of our professors showed us a grading scale, that has the lowest passing grade at 72%, and put the grades in terms of terms of letters. She said that the grades would not be entered as percentages, but rather the letter that correlated with a range of...
  18. futuredrummerdoctor


    ****EDIT: PLEASE IGNORE THE ATTACHED WORD DOCUMENT, I'VE SINCE UPDATED THIS LIST AS I'VE FOUND MORE MATERIALS AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DELETE THE ATTACHED FILE I was getting confused on where to find and organize all my practice exams, so I have spent the past two hours researching how I...
  19. D


    Hey guys I'm a fresh international graduate currently in Toronto GTA area looking for a study group/partner and info about classes here.
  20. K

    Some Important Modes through which Students Tackle the Exam Stress

    Exams? Full of stress or anxiety! As we are well aware of this bitter fact that most of the students compromise their social and personal activities in their exams day, which ultimately affect their health in a pessimistic manner.It is very imperative from the scholar’s prospect to consider...
  21. Minions2015

    anyone selling top score, crackDAT or Qvault tests?

    Hey guys my test is in two weeks and i was wondering if i can buy some additional exams. since i have two weeks i won't be able to utilize them completely so i thought this might be a cheaper way? would love any type of help. PM me please!
  22. D

    Diagnosis: Academic Burnout

    I need a cure immediately. I think I'm going to have a D overall for math. Today's test is going to be on Exponential and Logarithms(in about a half an hour). I crammed(We only learned this topic for 2 days, reviewed and that's it). I'm tired. Finals start Friday. Math is the hardest thing ever...
  23. veggiehead

    I feel like I'm having a crisis.

    I don't know where to start.. Sooo I am currently about to finish my 5th semester at a community college. At the beginning of college I didn't really know what I wanted to do or felt extremely motivated to do well in school so I took my basic GE's and got Cs on almost everything. Last year I...