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    Might Fail Organic Chemistry II Twice. Will this ruin my chance of going to Pharmacy School and Grad

    So I am currently taking Organic chemistry 2 lecture for the 2nd time and it is finals week. I believe I am going to get a D or C in it. The first time I completely failed it. I didn't really try because I was focusing on my other classes. My priorities were all screwed just like it is this...
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    Got an F in Physics 2. Now What???

    I am rising premed senior bio major and have never failed anything in my entire life. I am in shock and don't know what to do. Are my chances of getting into med school gone forever? What should I do? My plan is retaking it on my last semester (Spring 2019) and hopefully getting an A since I...
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    How do I make myself look better on paper

    Long story short, I'm poor. My parents although working full time needed help taking care of my siblings and I so I had to work full time in college. I failed general chemistry 2 and got a D+ general physics 1. I previously took general physics 1 and withdrew so there's also a W on my...
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    Really need advice please help

    Hi so i'm a freshman and this is my first semester and I'm pretty sure I am going to fail Calc. The final was SO bad. And on top of that I may potentially end up with 2 C's. Are my chances of DO school significantly altered or ruined? Is Calculus even a requirement for DO school?
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    I got three F grades my first quarter in college

    Hi SDN, I'd like to get some thoughts about whether I have any shot at all at MD schools and, additionally, whether I'd have any reason to apply to top 20 schools? Situation: Career changer after many years in diff career 3.4 AMCAS uGPA (including three F non-science grades that I got my first...
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    Can I get into Dental School?

    Hello, I dumb-goofed this semester. I am a sophomore in college and currently have a 3.3 GPA. This semester, I took a light course load for several reasons. I pledged into a professional pre-health fraternity, my mom got diagnosed with Hepatitis B, my father was diagnosed with early on-set...
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    My experience and a little advice!

    My experience and a little advice, Hey everyone, I wanted to share my experience and give a little advice to everyone applying/re-applying this year. I’m not sure how much of it will be helpful but here is some of the information I wish I had known. Hopefully I can save someone the stress...
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    Need advice on my situation

    Up until the 1st quarter of my junior year I was studying chemical engineering. I realized as soon as began taking my first engineering course that I did not want to continue with ChemE. I always considered the possibility of going to med school, but it wasn't until I shadowed a doctor during...
  10. C

    Did horrible in my pre-calc class?

    So, being stupid and a freshman in college with a weak math background I decided to take pre-calc in the summer as a 6 week course and ended up getting a D- in the class. I am obviously going to retake it, and my school has a policy on replacing your grade with whatever new grade you receive...
  11. B

    Failed Orgo 1 Twice.. Chances??

    I am going into my senior year but am graduating after a 5th year so I have not yet taken my MCAT. I just completed Organic Chemistry for the second time and am now stuck with a 3.3 GPA. The first summer I took it, my aunt passed. And this summer, my uncle passed. Both times, I ended up missing...
  12. me0wing

    Failed Calc 2 and about to fail organic chemistry 1, PRE-Med

    Let me start with the back story. I didn't start college thinking of going to medical school but I still took some of the courses required. Mostly because I love science and math. I have passed general chem 1&2, biology 1&2, pre-Calc & calculus 1, and fundamentals of neuroscience and cell...
  13. N

    Failed Elective?

    Anyone ever fail an elective and get into dental school / know of someone who failed an elective and got in?
  14. D

    Failed classes due to illness. Will ADEA AADSAS understand?

    Okay so during freshman year I got struck with an autoimmune disease and was hospitalized the week of finals for about a month and a half. I ended up failing all 3 classes I took that quarter (well, because I didn't take the final), but I returned a year later after I had fully recovered from my...
  15. confusedstudent2195

    F and two W's?

    Hello! I'm a junior that just changed my major to exercise science to do pre-med. I was in clinical nursing school last semester and there was a huge role conflict, lack of passion for nursing, and the decision that I wanted to pursue medicine through this nursing semester. During this nursing...
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    Military to Med School, Looking for Advice

    Okay so about me, I have completed 53 credit hours including all my prereqs at a 3.65 GPA. Due to a withdrawal clerical error I received an F in an online psych class I forgot I was even in lol, I blame myself for the F, waiting until the last minute to withdraw, but they lost my paperwork soo...
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    Medical Premed, Failed calc 2 twice...

    Hello all, I'm new to SDN so I apologize for any formatting errors of this lengthy post. Additionally, thank you for taking the time to give your input on this post. My current situation is kind of tricky: I began college as a Chemistry major (with no intention of going premed) at a Cal State...