1. MartialArtDPT

    If anyone is not on (RE)PAYE payment plan, why?

    Hi all. I am looking at options on my student loans and after lots of consulting and researching, I can't understand why anyone who qualifies would not use REPAYE or especially PAYE plans for debt that exceeds a certain amount (depending on income, perhaps somewhere around 35k+). If you qualify...
  2. D

    UCSF (IS) vs. UoP

    Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to receive acceptances to both of these schools and want to get people's opinions on both schools! Tuition for UOP is about $130k a year (total: 390k)while UCSF is $60k a year. I am from the bay area so living cost is not included. I don't want to specialize...
  3. Franzliszt1

    Mental health issues and secondaries

    Dear SDN, Hope you all are doing well. What is the general wisdom about invoking experiences with my own mental health on a short secondary essay about "obstacles" or "challenges"ect..? Would I be better off discussing financial difficulties? Any and all opinions are appreciated.
  4. M

    Another AMCAS Disadvantaged Question--Present or Past?

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in various forms but I've searched all over this site with no clear answer to my particular question: Should I claim "disadvantaged status" if I presently consider myself disadvantaged, but may not have in the past? I qualified for FAP and definitely...
  5. Franzliszt1

    Bad news

    Dear SDN, This week has come with some bad news. I realized that 1) Due to financial constraints I will be able to apply to max 9 schools. FAP not an option. 2) My cGPA will appear a full point lower than I thought. My school transcript says 3.6, but because I have so many A+s in my last...
  6. Franzliszt1

    How are people on SDN paying for this cycle?

    The advice I see most commonly is to apply broadly. Getting into med school is very challenging and it would be foolish to apply to fewer than say 14 schools. I know 14 is the "average" but I'm using SDN wisdom to set the stage for my question to the SDN community. I will be relying entirely...
  7. S

    I need help and miracle stories...

    Hey guys, Sugar Plum here, I try to be as positive as I can be, on this site especially; but lately I realized my situations are not working for me. I am a fifth year undergraduate, hopefully graduating this year, with not a great GPA, by the time I graduate I will probably have a 3.0...
  8. S

    Work during premed

    Hello everyone! So some things didn't go as planned and now i need to find a job to serve as a sustainable source of income that I can use to pay for college. I do not want to get student loans, but my parents are unwilling to pay for my tuition so if I do not work, I will end up with ~$50000...
  9. Adriaran

    AMCAS Financial Info

    Ok this was muy estupido, but in the process of filling out secondaries I realized that when I filled out the "percent financial contributions to my education" on AMCAS, I calculated it out of the cost of my tuition only instead of total educational expenses :sour: (must have forgotten my brain...
  10. Teaisbomb

    Lots of question, any advice would be helpful.

    Relatively useful information: going to be a high school junior, 3.9 GPA, 26 ACT, very VERY limited in-state college options (two or maybe three that are useful to the medical field), seriously interested in becoming a type of psychiatrist. I'll start with my ACT. It's my first and only score...
  11. J

    Gap year dilemma: to quit or not to quit

    I'm at a bit of a cross roads. I took two years off (graduated may 2015) to retake my MCAT and apply to med school. My retake went well (516, 95th percentile) and the rest of my application is solid (3.9 GPA with a BS in bio, 3 other research opportunities, a publication from another lab in a...
  12. Ollivander

    Should I just not apply to any private schools? 400-500K debt seems like a poor financial decision.

    After reading this thread (Link) and the posts by (@Incis0r, @sgv), I feel as though I should probably keep taking shots at my IS school (UAB) as well as other state schools and just leaving privates off completely due to costs. I'm about to finish undergrad and do a SMP that will put me ~25K in...
  13. OT1224

    Other OT-Related Information NYU financial aid package

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you (or a friend) know when accepted applicants receive their financial aid package from NYU? Also, how much % of it is loans and how much is scholarship/grants? I'm the first generation to go to graduate school so I'm on my own. Thank you!