Observership/externship in Germany

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May 22, 2016
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Hello, im 4th year medicine student in Turkey. After my graduation, i want to do my residency training and work in Germany. I have been to Germany a lot. I know Germany would be great place to residency training and making science.

I have just A2 level German and i believe i can make it B2 or C1 level until i gradute. But for now, i can't speak

Anway, i want to do observership or internship this summer in Germany for getting info about German medical system, doctor-patient encounters etc and for my CV. Can anyone help me about what should i do to find internship or observership in Germany?
I know, speaking German would be so useful for that but i have just A2 level German and i don't believe it will be enough for communication. So i think the language of that training need to be in English.

Im waiting for your answers. Any actual info about that situation will be appreciated. Thanks

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