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  1. cruz3r

    Gots Cs in Orgo and Physics 1. What should I do?

    I ended up getting Cs in orgo 1, orgo 2, and physics 1. On the brighter side, I made an improvement by getting a B in physics 2. As of now, my gpa is around 3.68 (including college transfer credits from high school and also 2 Bs from microbio and a pharmacology class). BCPM is 3.51. I was...
  2. G

    Gpa calculation

  3. J

    St Augustine GPA calculation?

    I have been roaming the website a while and have a question regarding St Augustine's DPT program. I've called numerous times and I haven't been able to get in touch with admissions. Anyways, I am curious if USA recalculated the GPA in anyway when they are reviewing my application. For example, I...
  4. D

    St. Augustine GPA

    Hello, Would anyone be able to explain to me how St. Augustine calculates their GPA? Is it the last 60 or 45 credit hours of undergraduate or if we take courses after our undergraduate will that count as well. In addition, if our pre-requisite GPA is significantly stronger than our cumulative...
  5. Starsshine

    MD AMCAS GPA Discrepancy

    Hi! New to the forum. But I had submitted my AMCAS application some time ago and received my verified report on Friday. I noticed my cGPA was a lot lower (by .12) than my school GPA (which uses the same scoring as AMCAS, with all of the +/- increments, etc.). Of interest, I noticed that the...
  6. kirby123

    How to calculate GPA?

    Hi all, 1. Do I just need to follow this format when making an excel sheet for my GPA (from page 9 in the application instructions guide): Course Name - Letter Grade - Grade Weight x Semester Hours = Total Quality Points Then you divide the Total Quality Points by Semester Hours to get your...
  7. M

    is no credit an F?

    Hi The first time I took Organic Chemistry in 2010 I received a grade of NC. During this time, my advisor told me that AMCAS will count the grade as an F. I took time off from being pre-med and re-took the class and got an A. Would you happen to know whether AMCAS counts NC as an F? I found...
  8. P

    Applying to US MHA from Canada

    Hey everyone. This is my first post so I apologize if this might be in the wrong forum. I'm a Canadian student who's planning to apply to MHA programs in the US. My top 3 schools would be Columbia, John Hopkins, and University of Washington. I was curious to know how easy/tough it is to get in...
  9. crossstr

    Having trouble calculating true cGPA

    My GPA is based off of taking 1 year of courses at one school then transferring to a different school for the rest of my undergrad (not sure where to put this year in calculator - should I have just a really long freshman year section?). Also, I majored in Physician Assistant studies with a...