1. M

    School List Help - Please! (Another CA student)

  2. U

    What are my chances 124 CARS?

    Born in India (lived 14 years) and immigrated to US (8+ years as of today). Have US permanent resident status. 1. 3.97 cGPA and 3.96 sGPA (Biochemistry and Molec. Bio with Honors degree) 2. MCAT #1 508 (129/123/130/126) MCAT #2 509 (129/124/129/127) 3. New Jersey Resident 4. Indian...
  3. MiamiHeatElite

    MD Help with school list

    Overall sGPA/cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 512 (125/129/129/129) Demographic: White male from rural underserved southwest Virginia; son of physician with no particular challenges or narrative Undergrad: Microbio major/Bio minor from Virginia Tech Clinical Experience: 1.5 years of ER scribing (1700 hours)...
  4. P

    Nontrad applying under Disadvantaged status

    hello all, After taking several years off, I have finally decided to apply this year. My stats are 3.43 cGPA + sGPA ( from a top 30 west coast school and postbac at a state school) with a 522 MCAT ( 40 old MCAT) MY ecs are as follows: 2 years Molecular Genetics Research 2 year stem cell...

    Apparently becoming a nontrad: cGPA 3.8, sGPA 3.2, GraduateGPA (MPH) 3.6

    I graduated with a BS in Biology in 2016 and started working on the MPH right away not knowing that the MPH will not help my science GPA. Now that I know, I am planning to hold on taking MPH classes until I fix my science GPA. By which I mean taking upper level science courses, at least 20...
  6. alexlex143

    WAMC Please! Non-trad, URM, cGPA 3.4 sGPA 3.3

    Working on a realistic school list. Here are my stats: 1. cGPA 3.4, sGPA 3.3 2. MCAT = 504 (124, 125,130,125 breakdown) 3. CA resident 4. URM Latino/a (Mexican/Central American, native Spanish-speaker, etc.) 5. Attended a CA state university, BA in English, working on an MS in Biology 6. I am a...
  7. T

    MD 3.93, 518, non-cheating Institutional Action

    Graduating in 2018, top 30 school. Biology BS cGPA: 3.93, sGPA: 3.93 mcat: 518 RESEARCH- 1 year, 150 hours, not clinical, basically a literature review type study but worked with a team and directly with professor. got a poster presentation out of it, no publications VOLUNTEERING (clinical)-...
  8. 1

    WAMC and application timeline

    I'm currently on the waiting list for one DO school, so I 'm planning to re-apply this year and planning to re-take my MCAT in July-28 (because I really need time to work on my CARS section since English is my second language). my GPA is 4.0 but my MCAT is 505 with a very low CARS score (121). I...
  9. C

    HELP 4.0sGPA, 3.9cGPA, 522 (very unbalanced) MCAT, schools?

    High GPA 132/126/132/132 - I've never tanked CARS so badly on a practice exam but somehow this what I ended up with on the real thing. Should I be concerned? Will this bar me from competitive schools? 150 hours clinical volunteering 50 hours non-clinical volunteering 50 hours shadowing Strong...
  10. D

    International Student Retake

    Hello Everyone! I am an international student in the US and prior to my arrival, I had no familiarity with neither the pre-requisites needed to get admission to Medical School nor had any remote idea regarding the 'Major and course selection system in US colleges. Major system doesn't exist in...
  11. Y

    Reapplicant--MCAT issues

    Hi, I'm new to creating new threads. I hope I didn't just break some big sdn law by posting so out-in-the-open like this. Anyway, we'll see. So...this application cycle hasn't been too hot. I'm wondering what I need to fix for the next cycle if things don't work out. sGPA: 3.99 cGPA: 3.98 Top...
  12. E

    3.45 GPA, 3.4 sGPA, 512 MCAT, URM Eng. major

    Hello, I was wondering what schools I should be applying for?? Personally, I'd like to stay in Texas. Here are my stats and extracurricular activities: Biomedical Engineer in U.S. college ranked Top 5 for BME, URM status, TX resident 3.45 GPA, 3.4 sGPA. This is mainly because I had one very bad...