1. S

    Minimum salary for IMGs on h1b

    https://www.businesstoday.in/amp/latest/economy-politics/story/us-hikes-minimum-pay-by-40-percent-for-h1-b-health-professionals-276418-2020-10-21 https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/world/us/no-change-in-h-1b-wage-levels-for-nearly-next-two-years/amp_articleshow/82600817.cms...
  2. G

    Do 3 year J1 waiver jobs kill my chance at academia?

    Basically if i want to pursue haem/onc in an academic setting, is j1 really the best option for me? Sure, there's better chances of matching than h1b, but from what i understand you'll have to do the J1 waiver jobs which last for 3 years and are mostly involving primary care only. If I take up...
  3. V

    Statement of need- EM *please help!*

    Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian in 3rd year of med school in US. I'm interested in applying for EM and wanted to clarify some things. I kind of suck at legal things/ visas and want to triple check my understanding. When I was in 1st/2nd year Canadians at my school told me we could apply for only 4...
  4. Q

    Generally when will H-1B Visa petition be approved?

    From the experience of last two years, approximately when could I expect to receive the approval of H-1B Visa petition? Thread from last year indicated that delay or even denial of H1b petition is somehow more common recently. H1B Visa Denials/Delays for Incoming Physicians I am doing...
  5. T

    H1B Visa Denials/Delays for Incoming Physicians

    Hey all, I'm wondering who else among us has been affected by the H1B visa denials for incoming IMG physicians. It's getting super close to start date and orientation. Apparently about 1000 of us are affected. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything at all on this? Feel free to DM if you...
  6. dillonkor

    Green card + job after residency

    Dear Colleagues, I am a foreign national, who is an AMG on an H1b visa with a couple years left in my average anesthesia residency program in the northeast. My goal is to focus more on my family after the training, so I would like to explore my options to get a job and obtain the green card...
  7. I

    F1 Student for a Clinical Assistant professor

    I am creating this post to see the reality of my goals and aspiration. I am currently a fourth year pharmacy student studying in the United state on F-1 visa (Yea I know what you're thinking good luck finding a job not another Visa sponsorship thread; well this is different) . I am strongly...
  8. S

    Canadian citizen, US Med Grad, on OPT, in US residency - H1b Question

    Like title states, I am an Canadian who went to a US medical school and got into a US residency. Currently in my Intern year on my OPT (from F-1 visa). I just finished my Step 3, and is looking into applying for H1b (my residency does do H1). Issue is, my state only give out 1 year temporary...
  9. Dr. Bruce Banner

    Canadian citizens in US medical school

    I am a 3rd year medical student in a US medical school. I am a Canadian citizen. I am hoping this thread can bring other medical students who are on the same boat as me to come here and discuss our plans with regards to applying to residency, either for J1 or H1B. It'd be awesome for people who...
  10. S

    H1b, Green card. Private or non-profit

    Hi guys. I'd like to hear your experience with immigration sponsorship for dentists. What's the best route towards getting permanent residency? Do you recommend any employer for long term employment and eventually Green card sponsorship? Is it better to work for private employer or non-profit...
  11. C

    Do any Derm programs sponsor H1b for USMGs?

  12. Future.miss.doctor

    DO vs. MD for a Canadian interested in pathology

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted into a great DO school that I feel very comfortable at. I did not apply to any MD schools in the last application cycle. I am a Canadian student and I have always been interested in pathology. I got the impression from many people that it would be easy for...
  13. I

    Has anyone applied and obtained a green card through a corporate office?

    Just like my title says, does anyone have an experience of applying and obtaining a green card through a corporate office, such as Aspen or Heartland? I would like to know how the process went through and whether there were any hidden terms that delayed the process. TIA!
  14. D

    J1 to H1b Swap during residency

    Could some one enlighten me if a J1 to H1b swap during residency is viable? Specifically, I'm looking at likely H1b for a radiology position as a PGY2 and J1 for my intern year. Does the two-year home country requirement apply in this case? I can't seem to find much about this anywhere. I...
  15. StudentoftheTooth

    Dentist Needed in Tucson, AZ - Visa Sponsorship & Relocation Assistance Available

    Western Dental is looking for a full time dentist to help deliver amazing care to our patients in Tucson, AZ This is a fantastic opportunity for the right general dentist. Come join a team of quality orientated dental professionals that you will be proud to be affiliated with. We will provide...
  16. Artzilla

    Pediatrician and Family Practice - H1B, low stress, rural, underserved, warm

    We work with a medical group near Savannah providing services to a small, mostly minority population. We seek: Newly graduating residents People needing visa sponsorship People looking for a lower stress environment with a relatively light load People seeking the warmer climate of southeast...