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  1. A

    WashU St. Louis Post-Bacc vs. Harvard Extension vs. A&M MSBS

    Hi SDN! I have been very fortunate to be accepted into some great programs for continuing studies. However, I've had difficulties choosing between these three programs after narrowing them down. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated! I am a TX resident with median stats. WashU St...
  2. A

    Post-bacc Application Advice (non-traditional student)

    Hi, I've been a long time reader of these forums but this is my first time posting. After spending a long time debating whether to make a complete mid-life career change, I've decided to make the first step towards going to med-school, but as a non-traditional student I need to first get into a...
  3. K

    Transferring Post-Bac Programs

    Hello, This is my first post so please bear with me. I received a psychology degree from a state school and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. The last year of college I decided that I wanted to enter healthcare, specifically a doctor. I had toyed with the idea before but I think I was too emotionally...
  4. M

    DIY Post-Bacc Harvard Extension School

    Anyone planning to take DIY Post-bacc at Harvard Extension School next year? And anyone is currently doing it? Any advice and recommendations? I am doing it next year starting in summer 2019.
  5. M

    Harvard Extension School DIY Post-Bacc

    Hello. I decided to take higher level science class in Harvard Extension School next summer. I'm not from Boston, but I will be working at Boston's Children Hospital, and I just really want to experience Boston for a while. Went there few months ago to attend HMS seminar and fell inlove with the...
  6. MDbecomesMD

    Postbac-premed Questions!

    Hello everyone! I'm what most postbac-premed offerers consider a "career-changer." I didn't know what I wanted to do straight out of high school, and settled on studying my passion--music. I now will be graduating with my B.A. in Music in December, but over the course of my junior and senior...
  7. B

    DIY Postbacc at Multiple Different Schools?

    Hi all, Potential non-trad here, trying to figure out how to navigate my situation. I graduated college in 2016 with a 3.7 GPA with a degree in Biology. I dropped the pre-med track in UG, but after a year and a half of working in consulting, I am ready to dive into medicine and certain that it...
  8. A

    Upper Level Bio Courses

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for upper level bio coursesn? They seem to offer a lot of courses but Im curious what other's experiences have been. Thanks!
  9. B

    HES -- is it worth it?

    Hello all! I am a potential non-trad looking for some help on how to plan the journey ahead of me. For some background, I am a 2016 grad (biology & global health) who was originally pre-med and transitioned over to business/consulting towards the end of undergrad. Currently 23 years working at...
  10. B

    Non-Degree Student at Emory vs. HES vs. State School?

    All, I am currently hoping to begin taking classes this upcoming spring semester (Jan 2018). I graduated May 2016 with a degree in Biology, so I only have about 4 more classes to take before I can apply to med school: Organic Chem 2, Physics, 2, Biochemistry, and Gen Chem 2. However, I am not...
  11. B

    Harvard Extension -- is this timeline possible?

    After a multiple years of convincing myself that life in medicine is not for me, I keep coming back to it and I think I am officially ready to take the plunge. Bit of backstory -- I graduated from a top 10 university in May 2016 with a degree in Biology and a GPA of ~3.7. I was originally...
  12. S

    Online courses just to help with MCAT

    Hi everyone! I'm a non-traditional applicant. 3.7 cGPA, specialized honours B.A. in Neuropsychology, M.Sc. in Neuropsychology from prestigious school, 2 years of clinical research in a mental health setting, laboratory manager experience, 2 summers of volunteering research, some poster...
  13. Ell19

    Harvard Extenion School Pre-med program questions 2017

    Hi, I just got accepted into HES's Postbac Pre-med program and I am slightly confused on what the program truly does for you. I took the majority of my pre-reqs at UVM (where I have a bachelors degree), so I qualify for a committee letter at UVM, and it says to qualify for HES's committee...
  14. dr.wolf


  15. N

    Prerequisites to Take in Spring 2017 in Massachusetts

    The short of it is that I'm hoping to finally start my med school prerequisites in Spring 2017 in the Boston metropolitan area and am looking for specific classes to take and places to take them. I would like to take classes at Harvard Extension, but it looks like in Spring only the second part...
  16. C

    Post Bac Advice for a New Pre Med (recent post bac grads please!)

    Hey SDN! So long story short this summer I switched from Pre Dent to Pre Med lol and am in my senior year of undergrad. I am estimating that I will be graduating with a 3.4 cGPA and 3.2sGPA and was hoping to enroll in a post baccalaureate program for the first year of my 2 gap years in order to...
  17. dtt9412

    What's the Best Path forward for me during my gap year?

    Long story short I graduated last month from Boston University with a BA in biology and a terrible GPA by med school admission standards (horrible sophomore year - had some personal issues I was dealing with and didn't put in the effort- brought my GPA down a ton and I ended up graduating with a...
  18. S

    Stony Brook Formal Post Bacc Pre-Health Program

    Anyone currently enrolled or completed this program? I've been accepted to this program, Columbia's postbacc premed program and Harvard extension premedical program. Columbia's program seems outrageously expensive, and Harvard extension seems a bit too informal? So I think Stony Brook may be...
  19. R

    Loyola Marymount University Post-Bacc vs Harvard Extension

    I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience with Loyola Marymount University's Post-Bacc program. How well is this program perceived by ADCOMs? Are there ample benefits to the program outside of the classroom, such as research opportunities, clinical experience, etc. Is it worth the cost of...
  20. H

    Harvard or Bryn Mawr PostBac?

    I was recently accepted into the Harvard Ext. and the Bryn Mawr post bac programs. While there are a lot of factors going into my decision of whether to attend one or the other, I am particularly curious about academic support and my chances of academic success in each program. This is...
  21. drwestlol

    Harvard Extension School HCP Med School Placement

    Hi I was curious what range of grades at Harvard Extension School's HCP generally correlate with what tier of med school. (ex. What grades at HCP would garner acceptances into a top 20 med school?) While I am asking in general terms for everyone's benefit, if anyone has any insight into what...