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Mar 14, 2016
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I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience with Loyola Marymount University's Post-Bacc program. How well is this program perceived by ADCOMs? Are there ample benefits to the program outside of the classroom, such as research opportunities, clinical experience, etc. Is it worth the cost of the program?

Additionally, would any care to offer an opinion on this program vs Harvard Extension. It seems that Harvard Extension might be more well respected (more established) by ADCOMs, but would be harder to get A course grades as well as hard to get letter of recommendations, as the classes are 100+ students? However, it seems that Harvard Extension is a really great value, a third of the cost of many traditional post-bacc programs.

I would appreciate any opinions or advice that anyone has to share on these two programs, and which program you would choose over the other. Thanks for the help!

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