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  1. P

    Personal statement help!

    I have completed my personal statement and am looking for people who are able and willing to look it over. Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated (grammar suggestions, content suggestions, whatever you're willing to give!). Some background info: My undergrad GPA is a 3.34 with a U-shaped...
  2. B

    In Cork: Need Nurse/Phlebotomist/Doctor to take blood for a few hours

    Looking for a Nurse, Phlebotomist or Doctor or anyone with appropriate training to take blood for a few hours one or two mornings in CORK. We are doing blood tests with a small group of people looking for hormonal response over a 2-3 hour period. Good pay. You should have proper...
  3. A

    Research Coordinator Application, Psychology Dept, Drexel University WELL Center

    Position Details Applicants are being sought for a half-time or full-time research coordinator position in the WELL Center (an expansion of the Laboratory for Innovations in Health-Related Behavior Change) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Drs. Evan Forman and...
  4. wizarddoc2213

    School List Critique Needed!

    Hi Everyone! Thanks in advance for all the help. I have a preliminary list of schools that I want to apply to, and I am looking for feedback (what schools to add, remove, etc. based on my stats). 3.65cGPA/3.6sGPA (Biology major with chemistry minor, GPA will most likely increase by the time I...
  5. S

    Need some advice Post acceptance letter

    Hello Fellow Pre-Dents, So, I was fortunate to have one interview for dental school, and even more so when I got a letter of acceptance. Now I am kind of in a bind as far as criminal background history. I was pulled over in Sept 2015 while driving under the influence (would not recommend to...
  6. 2

    What Are The Requirements For A License To Practice In UK/Thailand?

    I'm still in high school (first year of IBDP) and I'm interested in becoming a doctor. For university, I'd like to go to the UK (if I can make it), and I'm wondering what comes after MBBS/BSc? At what point do you get a license to practice (UK)? What about Thailand? If I don't take up...
  7. R

    Physchiatrist needed north of Tampa

    Our Client is the owner and sole psychiatrist for his privately owned and operated behavioral health group. He has established a unique approach to treating patients and wants to grow his health group as he believes this approach is something worth spreading. He doesn't have the time to focus on...
  8. P

    Personal Statement Introduction Help!

    THANK YOU!!! :):):):):):)
  9. R

    Early Decision and DO Applications

    Hi everyone, Anyone know if it is possible to submit an Early Decision Application to an MD program and also apply to several DO programs simultaneously? Thanks!
  10. CareerNumTwo

    Need help figuring out where I should apply... Thank you!

    Hi everyone. I'd like some feed back on my current list. It's pretty short. Please let me know if you think I should add or take away a school. Background GPA First undergrad: Cumulative: 2.7, sGPA: 2.4 (B.S. Economics - 2007) Master's Degree: 3.8 (M.S. Engineering Management - 2013)...
  11. D

    Undergraduate courses that may help in dental school. Would appreciate any insight!

    Hello, I am about to receive a biology undergraduate degree this May, and haven't yet applied to dental school (will be doing that this summer). In order to stay on scholarship and an insurance plan I needed to stay enrolled full time at a university throughout next academic year. I figured I...
  12. C

    Which UC school is better for Pre-med?

    Hi, I got accepted into the following schools: UC Berkeley UC Santa Barbara (honors program) UCLA UCSD UC Irvine (honors program) UC Davis University of Rochester However, I can't seem to be able to determine which school(s) is best for pre-med. What are your thoughts/opinions? Thank you
  13. S

    nontrad paramedic w bs bio, ms mgmt ... chances??

    I'm hoping for some candid advice.... I'm wondering the real chances of pursuing this undying medical field passion as a career ... or finding other ways to fulfill the physical passion. I'm a 33yr old single mom w an 11yr old son and 6yr old daughter. I had my son days before my senior year...
  14. MDPHDhopeful07

    MD Which MD/PhD programs should I apply to?

  15. MDPHDhopeful07

    Which MD/PhD programs should I apply to?

  16. nutritionbuff

    Current/Past Med students: UCI vs UCSD?

    Hi there, I am hoping that current or graduated medical students could shed some light on UCI and UCSD - beyond what can be read on their websites. I am choosing between the two schools and having a hard time.. In the last couple years, all the major differences that I could identify have been...
  17. S

    Wanted: USMLE STEP 1 TUTOR

    Hello. I find myself in a real predicament. I have yet to attempt the usmle step 1, as I cannot afford, both mentally or financially, to fail. I have been trying to study for this exam for 2 years but it has proven more difficult than I expected, what with failing to balance work and study...
  18. Knobinator

    GPA is holding me back. What do I need to do?

    I attend a small public university. I am currently pursuing a BS in Physics and a BA in Spanish (through a unique dual degree program offered at my institution). Since my first semester of school, my grades have taken a mostly downward turn (a trend I realize to be profoundly unattractive to...
  19. 7

    Post-grad coursework

    Hi there! Im new to this site, and I think I posted this same question in the wrong thread, so sorry for reposting! I graduated from a prestigious University in May of 2015 with a "meh" GPA of 3.14. Having come from a very small highschool, attending my state university first year was a culture...
  20. E

    MD 3.5 cGPA, 524 MCAT

    White male, not URM or disadvantaged, PA resident Undergrad: Top Midwestern Private School (Notre Dame, Northwestern, UChicago, etc) sGPA: 3.41, cGPA: 3.55 MCAT Chem/Phys-131 –----99th percentile CARS-131 –---------- 99th percentile Bio/Biochem-130 --– 97th percentile Psych/Soc-132 –----- 100th...
  21. 7

    Early Graduation Advice

    Hello All, I am currently a high school junior enrolled in all AP classes. I am ranked 6/800 with approx a 3.7 unweighted GPA. (It would be higher but elective unweighted health science classes have lowered it). I have taken intro. to health sciences, advanced clinical rotations, and collegiate...
  22. doe_eyed

    PHARMACY JURISDICTIONS - smarter to choose state you graduated from?

    Hello, So I graduated with my PharmD from Northeastern in Massachusetts. However, my hometown (driver's license, address, etc) is a different state - Connecticut. For picking jurisdictions, is it smarter (this is in italics for a reason) to choose MA, in my case, over CT? Does NABP prefer...
  23. Chasing Never Land

    HELP!!! 4 year MD/MPH or MD @ U.Miami Miller SOM?

    Hi Everyone, I'm posting because I'm in a unique dilemma, and would truly value your advice. I was recently accepted to both the 4yr MD/MPH and regular MD programs at University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine. I know that this is a wonderful problem to have. I'm also scared sh*tless...
  24. epol16

    $23.75/Hour Online!

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