1. I

    Heme Onc fellowship swap

    Hello everyone. I’m here looking for a swap. I have matched into a Heme/Onc position at a reputable institute in Pennsylvania that I would have been happy to go to when I submitted the ROL. Since the submission my SO got an excellent career opportunity in Texas and I am suffering from some...
  2. A

    HemOnc median RVU numbers?

    I am looking to join a hospital-based community HemOnc practice in the Midwest. The prospective employer is offering a guaranteed base for up to 5000 wRVUs and then $/wRVU system after 5000 wRVUs. I am not sure if 5000 RVUs annually is achievable. Anybody has an idea about the approximate median...
  3. A

    Negotiating call schedule in contract

    I am about to sign my first job after fellowship and had a question about call frequency in the contract. I liked a job and I am in talks with the employer and am negotiating terms. They have 3 other physicians in the practice and I will be joining as the fourth. The employer says the contract...
  4. N

    Georgetown Business of Medicine Course

    Hello SDN! I am a recent graduate of the hematology/oncology fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and I wanted to spread the word about a course we have developed called the Georgetown Business of Medicine Course. It is a virtual course consisting of 12 modules on different topics like...
  5. a_zed24

    Qualitative test for CO toxicity

    Hello there! One quick (and relatively insensitive) method to detect acute CO poisoning is to take a blood sample, dilute it and mix it with 5% NaOH. A pink tint in comparison with the colour obtained from a normal blood specimen (I've been told it'd be brown-ish?) suggests the presence of...
  6. doctorstrangerthingz

    Whats is like being a hematologist/oncologist?

    Hi everyone, I'm an M1 and I've been giving a lot of consideration to heme/onc as a specialty (I know its still early to decide). Would anyone be willing to share what it is like to be a heme/onc doctor? Given the seriousness and life-threatening nature of the diseases encountered, do you...
  7. T

    UC Berkeley Extension Hematology & Genetics *DIY Post Bacc*

    Hello everyone! I know this is a shot in the dark, but help a fellow student out. So I'm currently taking Hematology, Pharmacology, and Genetics at UC Berkeley Extension (online). So before taking these classes I was ready to learn and ace all of them, and then once I took them I realized that...
  8. A

    Are Hem/Onc docs paid less than hospitalists in general?

    I heard from a current Hem/Onc fellow that hospitalists are paid higher than Hem/Onc specialists. I thought Hem/Onc had greater salaries, almost on par with Pulm/Crit and Cardiology, so I was just wondering how far was true. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. A

    Current Hem/Onc salaries?

    Is it true that compensation in Hem/Onc is declining? Do you see the compensation for Hem/Onc physicians going down in the future? As an IM resident planning on going into Hem/Onc, just wondering if the pay would be competitive. I see lots of figures thrown around in websites, but I am not sure...
  10. _expecto__

    postmortem stains question

    I've been recently preparing for my section training and found something I don't understand. of course in patients who die from carbon monoxide poisoning we can see pink-colored postmortem stains, the liver is pink and so on... but I've red that you get similar(pink) postmortem stains when the...
  11. PatNanym

    GI vs HemeOnc fellowship. Your help appreciated.

    I am an IMG PGY2 in a community-based hospital in New England. I am looking at doing a fellowship in either GI or HemeOnc. I am more interested in GI, but I'm a little apprehensive hearing the match rates (~15% for IMGs this year?) and am confused as to which to apply to. Is HemeOnc almost as...
  12. Misaki27

    Endocrinology vs Hematology

    Hello! I would like some opinions on whether you think hematology can be done as a second specialty to endocrinology (endocrine being the first). I couldn't find many resources dedicated to hematological problems in endocrine disorders. On a different note, if you were to choose between the two...
  13. Kakarrott

    What makes heme/onc so... ?respected?

    What Iam trying to ask, whenever I see some threads about respected/intelectualy most difficult/broadest medical speacialities, everywhere I see heme/onc, what is so particulary great about this combination that makes it so, I dont think respected is the right word but lets go with that. I hope...
  14. C

    New Peds Hem/Onc Fellowship in CT!

    The University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center are pleased to announce the recent addition of a Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology! Recruitment has begun and is underway for the 2018 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship position. Our...
  15. LymFo_maniak

    Official 2016-2017 Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Application Cycle

    Hi Future Hematologists, Oncologists and Trans-planters !!! Here we begin this year's ordeal !!! Good luck to everyone.
  16. ApolloCME

    Hematology Oncology Board Review Courses

    Update for 2016-2017 Hematology Board Review and Oncology Board Review The Brigham Board Review in Hematology and Oncology Credit Hours: 42 Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Online Video, CD, MP3, DVD MP4 Expiration Date: November 1, 2016 Summary: The Brigham Board Review in Hematology...