1. O

    How to write a letter of interest?

    Hi I was curious how I would go about writing a letter of interest? Are we talking about email or hand written? Also, i haven’t heard from almost 10+ schools it’s been complete silence so should i assume silent rejections or..?
  2. S

    How to write letters of interest?

    Title says it all. I tried looking online, searching through forums. Does anyone give some tips on contents for letters of interests to programs that I want to interview at but haven't received the invite?
  3. D

    How Much Does Medical School Actually Cost

    I was recently doing some math trying to calculate how much medical school actually costs, and the answer is kind of surprising. Assuming a student needs to borrow $60k per year in medical school and pays off the loans five years after residency, the student will spend approximately $360,000 on...
  4. A

    Letter of Interest pre-interview

    Hi everyone!! As the interview cycle winds down was wondering if sending a pre-interview letter of interest to the admissions email or to a dean would be helpful to the top schools that I haven't heard from yet? Thanks!!
  5. meowmeowmeowmeow

    Worth sending Letter of Interest/Intent?

    I've been fortunate enough to receive a couple acceptances, but I haven't heard from my top choice. I wanted to send in a letter of interest with a couple of updates. I was recently hired to continue as a TA for the spring semester (didn't mention this in my app), have had some research progress...
  6. Johnny Appleseed

    Med School Debt

    I've been a little frustrated about the lack of info that exists on how much debt med students will really have when they finish residency. I've seen articles stating that the average medical student debt is ~$189,000. That just isn't true for most of us. If we take out $75,500 the first year...
  7. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Sending updates/letters of intent

    One of the schools that I was waitlisted at is adamant about sending updates and expressing interest. I interviewed there mid-September and was waitlisted mid-October. I am just curious about what the format of these updates should look like, along with what an appropriate length is. Plus, how...
  8. amg_la

    Letter of Interest -- Application Update

    what is the criteria to send letters of interest to schools. If i have not heard anything (interview/rejection) from a school when is too soon to submit a follow up letter to a medical school. as for content in the letter, if there is nothing new to update on my application that isnt already on...
  9. M

    Letter of interests (Post and Pre II)

    I was waitlisted at an MD school, and although they are not my top choice (haven't heard back from my top yet!), I would like to send a letter of interest. I'm having trouble formatting it...I'm basically stating when I interviewed, and why I'm very interested in the program. Anyone have any...
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